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Fire Disaster at Düsseldorf Airport


30 September 2023



In 1996, a terrible fire disaster occurred at Düsseldorf Airport. We in Germany have learned many lessons from this when it comes to fire protection. But how did the accident come about? In this post, you can read how the disaster happened and what the construction industry has learned from it.

Design of Buoyancy After Comparing Weight Forces and Considering Soil Reactions


29 September 2023


Knowledge Base

This article shows you how to easily determine the buoyancy or the uplift limit state of a vessel in RFEM 6.

Airedale Swing Bridge in Rodley, United Kingdom


28 September 2023


Customer Project

The Airedale swing bridge is the largest manually operated steel swing bridge in the UK. It provides access to a newly built housing complex in a Leeds suburb. Read more about this exciting customer project here!

New Feature in RFEM 6 and RSTAB 9: Blocks with Reference Block Specification


27 September 2023


Product Feature

Did you know? When using multiple identical blocks in a model, you can assign a reference block to the selected blocks.

Gas Station Roofing


26 September 2023


Structural Analysis Model

Here is a new example model: This file contains the parameterized model of a steel gas station roofing. Download it for free!

Recorded Webinar: Buckling Analysis in RFEM 6


25 September 2023



In this webinar, we will show you how to perform design checks for plate and shell buckling in RFEM 6 according to Eurocode 3.



24 September 2023


Structural Analysis Model

Would you like more example models? This file contains the parameterized model of an icosahedron saved as a block. Of course, you can download it for free!

How Building Companies Shape the Future of the Construction Industry


23 September 2023



Maximiliane Straub works for a leading German construction company. She tells us more about the future of construction and how companies can shape this future. Discover more in this exciting blog post!

User-Defined Integration Method for Determining Internal Forces in Slabs in RFEM 6


22 September 2023


Knowledge Base

Did you know? RFEM 6 provides you with the option to consider material nonlinearities. In this article, you learn how to determine internal forces in slabs modeled with nonlinear material.

Study of Circular Domed House


21 September 2023


Customer Project

This is a research and development project with the long-term goal to design a circular timber house that is energy-efficient. The finished house should provide excellent living comfort using a rotation system according to the sun's position. Find out more about this fascinating project here!

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Wind Simulation & Wind Load Generation

It's getting windy here! Send your structures to the digital wind tunnel using the stand-alone program RWIND 2. It simulates wind flows around structures, regardless of whether they are simple or complex.

You can easily import the generated wind loads acting on these objects into RFEM or RSTAB and use them for your further calculations.