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Sports hall in Donzère, France

11 February 2020

New 000330 Customer Project

To meet the needs of its citizens, the city of Donzère has decided to build a sports hall in a large triangular island at the foot of the historic village. This hall serving schools and clubs is an opportunity to create a place to practice sports and to host sporting events.

New Maps for Peru in the Geo-Zone Tool

3 February 2020

New 000328 Current News

The Geo-Zone Tool, located on the Snow, Wind, and Seismic Zone Maps webpage, now includes also zoning maps to determine the wind speeds and seismic zones of Peru.

Chase Center Arena, San Francisco, USA

31 January 2020

New 000327 Customer Project

Chase Center Arena is the newest addition to Mission Bay in San Francisco. The state-of-the-art sports and entertainment center features 18,000 seats. The arena will host approximately 200 events annually.

New Website for Dietrich's Interface

30 January 2020

New 000324 Current News

The IFC format is an open standard to exchange data. Both companies cooperated to optimize the export from Dietrich's as well as the import to RFEM/RSTAB.

Hangar Structure in International Airport Silvio Petirossi – Luque, Paraguay

29 January 2020

New 000321 Customer Project

Metalúrgica Vera S.R.L. was commissioned with the design and construction of a new hangar in the International Airport Silvio Petirossi in Paraguay for protecting and repairing large airplanes.

RFEM Infoday in Genk, Belgium

28 January 2020

New 000326 Current News

Join our infoday in Genk to learn more about parametric design, the Grasshopper interface, and much more.

RFEM Infoday in Utrecht, the Netherlands

28 January 2020

New 000325 Current News

Join our infoday in Utrecht to learn more about parametric design, process acceleration with online tools, and much more.

New Program CADS Footfall Analysis

28 January 2020

New 000323 Current News

With CADS Footfall Analysis, you can perform step frequency analyses in combination with RFEM and RF-DYNAM Pro - Natural Vibrations.

Stadium La Montura, Chile

27 January 2020

000319 Customer Project

A roofing made of steel and fabric membranes was designed for the football stadium in San Bernardo, a city in the south of Santiago de Chile. The elegant, curved design in lightweight construction now also covers the standing area.

New Maps for Mexico in the Geo-Zone Tool

24 January 2020

000322 Current News

The Geo-Zone Tool, located on the Snow, Wind, and Seismic Zone Maps webpage, now includes also zoning maps to determine the wind speeds and seismic zones of Mexico.

Webinar Recording: Data Exchange Between Rhino/Grasshopper and RFEM

24 January 2020

000318 Webinar

We have published the recording of the webinar "Data Exchange Between Rhino/Grasshopper and RFEM" on our website.

Timber Roof of Shopping Mall, Italy

20 January 2020

000320 Customer Project

In 2018, Alì Supermercati decided to extend its already wide commercial network in the region with a new shopping mall in Via Noalese in Treviso, Italy. The project by Studio Signorotto Architettura of Treviso constitutes a roof made of glued-laminated timber, which complies with the buildings that have been already built in the past and are characterized by their perfect aesthetic design and the quality of the building material.

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