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Parametric Architectural Model


7 February 2023


Structural Analysis Model

This model to download presents a parametric architecture model in the wind tunnel simulation using the RWIND 2 software.

Webinar Recording: Masonry Design Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in RFEM 6


6 February 2023



In this webinar, we show you how to model masonry structures in RFEM 6 and to calculate them using the nonlinear orthotropic material model.

Salt Storage Hall


5 February 2023


Structural Analysis Model

Salt is an important raw material that has long had an indispensable place in our lives. In order to store salt properly, you need to pay attention to the right circumstances, one of which is a suitable building. This model to download shows you a salt storage hall made of timber, calculated in the structural frame & truss analysis software RSTAB 9.

Online Manual Introductory Example | Structural Analysis


4 February 2023


Current News

One program for everything? This introductory example shows you how to create structural objects and loads in RFEM 6. But not only that. You will also learn how to combine these loads, perform structural analysis, review your results, and prepare the data for printing.

Slab-Wall Connections in RFEM 6


3 February 2023


Knowledge Base

Two worlds collide. You can consider the properties of the connection between a reinforced concrete slab and a masonry wall in the RFEM 6 modeling using a special line hinge.

Column Base with Line Welds


2 February 2023


Structural Analysis Model

This model to download presents a column base with line welds in the structural analysis software RFEM 6.

New Feature in RWIND 2: Editor for Mesh Refinement Control


1 February 2023


Product Feature

Note: There is a new feature in RWIND 2! We provide you with an editor for the mesh refinement control. This new feature includes various options that you can use to formulate a suitable rule for meshing the entire model, even for models with unusual dimensions. Curious? Try it out right now!

Old Trafford


31 January 2023


Structural Analysis Model

Do you know Old Trafford? As a football fan, for sure! This model to download presents the Old Trafford in the wind tunnel simulation in the RWIND 2 software. The football stadium is located about three and a half kilometers (2.17 miles) southwest of central Manchester and is the home ground of the Manchester United football club.

Webinar Recording: Stability and Warping Torsion Analyses in RFEM 6 and RSTAB 9


30 January 2023



In this webinar, we show you how to perform stability and warping torsion analyses for steel structures in RFEM 6 and RSTAB 9.

Steel Tower


29 January 2023


Structural Analysis Model

Aiming high? No matter what heights you want to venture to, you are on the safe side with the Dlubal programs. This model to download shows you a steel mast with a platform, an extension pipe, and an antenna bracket in the structural frame & truss analysis software RSTAB 9.

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Wind Simulation & Wind Load Generation

It's getting windy here! Send your structures to the digital wind tunnel using the stand-alone program RWIND 2. It simulates wind flows around structures, regardless of whether they are simple or complex.

You can easily import the generated wind loads acting on these objects into RFEM or RSTAB and use them for your further calculations.