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Modeling a Spring Using Trajectories


23 July 2021


Knowledge Base

In RFEM, you can create screw lines using the "Trajectory" type line. To do this, you need a center line/guide line around which the line can be modeled, as well as a start and end point.

Download More Than 1200 Structural Models


22 July 2021


Current News

The website "Structural Analysis Models to Download" provides more than 1200 models to download for free. Benefit from this opportunity and utilize them for training purposes or for your projects.

Take advantage of the extensive search options to find the applicable model for RFEM, RSTAB, RWIND Simulation, or SHAPE-THIN:

Easy Geometry Adjustments of 3D Hall: Roof Inclination and Frame Spacing


21 July 2021


Knowledge Base

If you want to change only a few geometry parameters in a model, it is not always necessary to remove these structural parts and redefine them.

Ongoing Construction of Two Indoor Tennis Courts in Montmélian, France


19 July 2021


Customer Project

The local council of Montmélian, located about ten kilometers from Chambéry in Savoy, has decided to expand its range of sporting facilites by investing in this new indoor tennis court project.

Renumbering Structural Elements


16 July 2021


Knowledge Base

In RFEM and RSTAB, there are various options to renumber the individual structural elements, such as nodes, lines, members, surfaces, or solids. Two options are available for renumbering: singly and automatically.

Video: RWIND Simulation | Create Zones with RFEM/RSTAB Materials


14 July 2021



Select the transfer of the surface roughness according to the materials in the main program to preset the zones in RWIND Simulation automatically, depending on the materials defined in RFEM/RSTAB.

Met Mast on Radstadt Tauern, Austria


12 July 2021


Customer Project

The construction of a 328-foot-high tower at an altitude of about 6,890 ft above sea level is a particularly challenging task. A project of this type was realized in September 2020 in the area of the "Windsfeld" summit in Flachau / Flachauwinkl, Austria. The met mast is one of the tallest structures in Austria.

RFEM 5 Tutorial for Students | 015 Dynamics: Response Spectrum Analysis | Input Data


9 July 2021



In this third video, the required input data necessary for running a response spectrum analysis calculation in the RF-DYNAM Pro - Equivalent Loads add-on module will be shown. In the next video I will go over the results from this calculation.

Europlaza Movilidad Office Building, Villahermosa, Mexico


8 July 2021


Customer Project

Europlaza Movilidad is an 86,111 ft2 building that includes a bank branch, the Federal Government's Mobility Secretariat, and the State Government's Public Works Secretariat.

Simplified Blast Design According to AISC Steel Design Guide 26


7 July 2021


Knowledge Base

Blast loads from high energy explosives, either accidental or intentional, are rare but may be a structural design requirement.

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Wind Simulation & Wind Load Generation

With the stand -alone program RWIND Simulation, you can simulate wind flows around simple or complex structures by means of a digital wind tunnel.

The generated wind loads acting on these objects can be imported to RFEM or RSTAB.