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Customer Project: Distribution Center for North American Supermarkets

16. February 2017

In 2016, NEDCON got the assignment to install the steelwork for two fully automated distribution centers for two supermarket companies. One distribution center is located in the US state of Michigan and the other distribution center in the Canadian province of Alberta.

Video: Why Dlubal Software?

9. February 2017

There are many reasons in favour of Dlubal Software. See some of them in this video.

Brochure: New in RFEM 5 & RSTAB 8

6. February 2017

Get more information about new features in the current customer versions  5.07.13 and  8.07.13 as well as for the stand‑alone programs in the brochure ‘New in RFEM 5 & RSTAB 8’.

New Module Extension for Reinforced Concrete Design According to CSA A23.3

2. February 2017

CSA A23.3 for RFEM/RSTAB extends the range of standards for reinforced concrete design with the Canadian standard CSA A23.3 for various add‑on modules.

Customer Project: Wooden Airship Gulliver in Prague, Czech Republic

25. January 2017

At the beginning of December 2016, a giant wooden airship 'suspended' above the Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague, Czech Republic, has been opened to the public.

The unique airship structure made of timber and steel has been named ‘Gulliver’ and will serve as a space for literature related to the themes of DOX’s exhibitions, which are characterized by critical reflection on the situation of our contemporary world.

New Video RF-/STEEL EC3

20. January 2017

The new product video for RF‑/STEEL EC3 presents the options for structural analysis and design of steel structures according to Eurocode 3 in RFEM/RSTAB.

Customer Project: Sky Walk, Czech Republic

17. January 2017

A unique structure called Sky Walk has been built in Dolní Morava, Czech Republic, under the Králický Sněžník mountain at a height of 1,116 m, and is unprecedented in Central Europe. 

Sky Walk is a look‑out trail leading up to 58.5 m above the surrounding hilly terrain level, being visible at a distance of several kilometers.

Customer Project: Frigate as Stage Setting, France

11. January 2017

The historical theme park Puy du Fou opened the season 2016 with its new big spectacle ‘Le Dernier Panache’ telling the glorious fate of a French naval officer, a hero of the American Revolutionary War.

Among the many stage settings of the spectacle is that of the frigate, a warship known for its speed at the end of the 18th century.

Structural Analysis of Bridges in RFEM and RSTAB

21. December 2016

Many users rely on RFEM and RSTAB when analyzing and designing bridges consisting of steel, reinforced concrete, timber, or other materials.

In RFEM/RSTAB, you can combine load automatically in accordance with the standard EN 1990 + EN 1991‑2 (Road bridges).

Customer Project: Rope Playground Equipment

12. December 2016

Heinz Bornemann, the customer of Dlubal Software, provides structural analysis and design for a wide range of the rope playground equipment, for example 'Globe' and various types of 'Tetragode'.

For the calculation of spatial supporting structures, he uses the structural frame analysis software RSTAB.

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