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Calculation Example of Rigid End Plate Connection According to EN 1993-1-8

13 December 2017

Knowledge Base

In this example, design resistance of an end plate according to EN 1993‑1‑8 is to be determined; the other components are not described here. To check the results, the dimensions of the connection IH 3.1 B 30 24 of Typified Connections were used. The material S 235 and bolts with the strength 10.9 are used.

Structural Fire Design According to DIN EN 1993-1-2 (Thermal Material Properties)

11 December 2017

Knowledge Base

Using RF-/STEEL EC3, you can apply nominal temperature‑time curves in RFEM or RSTAB. For this, the standard time‑temperature curve, the external fire curve and the hydrocarbon fire curve are implemented in the program.

Webinar Recording: Design of Steel Structures According to EC 3 | Part 2: Stability Analysis, Design

8 December 2017


Part 2 of the webinar shows you stability analysis, generation of imperfections, and steel design according to EC 3 in RFEM/RSTAB.

Webinar Recording: Design of Steel Structures According to EC 3 | Part 1: Modelling, Loading, Combinations

7 December 2017


Part 1 of the webinar shows you a practical example of modelling and entering loads in RFEM/RSTAB.

New RSTAB Add-on Module DYNAM Pro - Nonlinear Time History

6 December 2017

New Product

A new add-on module for RSTAB has been released (RFEM module is still in beta status). It allows for nonlinear dynamic analysis to external excitation. Various excitation functions can be defined in a tabular form, as harmonic loads or as a function of time.

New Verification Examples

5 December 2017

Six new verification examples (0080, 0082, 0083, 0084, 0090, 0118) have been published on the page Downloads & Info → Verification Examples. For instance, the example 0082 deals with deformation analysis of a helical spring modelled by using a member on the trajectory, and a solid model.

Explanation of Support Nonlinearities on Example | 1.2 Translation

4 December 2017

Knowledge Base

RFEM and RSTAB provide numerous options for nonlinear definitions of nodal supports. Continuing the previous article, this article further describes options for creating a nonlinear free support and provides a simple example.

SJI Virtual Joists Available

28 November 2017

Knowledge Base

The Steel Joist Institute (SJI) has previously developed Virtual Joist tables to estimate the section properties for Open Web Steel Joists. These Virtual Joist sections are characterised as equivalent wide-flange beams which closely approximate the joist chord area, effective moment of inertia, and weight.

Reconstruction of Güsen Road Bridge B 10 over Elbe-Havel Canal, Germany

24 November 2017

Customer Project

As a part of expansion works of the Elbe‑Havel Canal, the Güsen road bridge was replaced by a new bridge at the same place. The new construction was necessary because the clear width and height of the existing bridge were no longer sufficient for the waterway expansion.

Design of Web Fillet Welds of Crane Girders According to EN 1993-6

22 November 2017

Knowledge Base

The article series about the design of crane girder welds is concluded by this article describing the design of web fillet welds, following the previous articles about the design of rail welds of crane girders at ultimate limit state and fatigue limit state. Both the ultimate limit state and the fatigue limit state are considered.

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