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Defining steel connection components using the library


20 May 2022


Knowledge Base

With the Steel Joints add-on in RFEM 6, you can create and design steel connections using an FE model. The modeling of the connections can be controlled by a simple and comfortable input of components. Steel connection components can be defined manually or using the templates available in the library.

New Feature in RFEM 6 and RSTAB 9: Improved Overview in Materials Library


19 May 2022


Product Feature

The material series are now listed in the materials library, and the desired material can be found directly in the library using the free text search.

RSTAB 9 | The Structural Frame & Truss Analysis Software


18 May 2022



This video shows a selection of new features in the new structural frame and truss analysis program RSTAB 9.

Silk Road International Exhibition Center, Xi'an, China


17 May 2022


Customer Project

The Silk Road Exhibition Center is located northeast of the city of Xi'an, the starting point of the ancient Silk Road. Together with the International Conference Center, it forms the exhibition center complex.

New Feature in RFEM 6: Determination of Independent Surface Parts for Intersections


16 May 2022


Product Feature

When creating surface intersections, independent surface components are now created instead of surface components.

Section Classification in RFEM 6 According to EN 1993-1-1


15 May 2022


Knowledge Base

The design of cross-sections according to Eurocode 3 is based on the classification of the cross-section to be designed in terms of classes determined by the standard. The classification of cross-sections is important since it determines, among other things, the limits of resistance.

New Feature in RFEM 6 and RSTAB 9: Material Type Control


14 May 2022


Product Feature

The material type of a material is used to clearly define the design-relevant properties.

Graphical/Tabular Creation of User-defined Cross-sections in RSECTION 1


13 May 2022


Knowledge Base

RSECTION 1 can be connected to both RFEM and RSTAB. The RFEM/RSTAB libraries provide cross-sections from RSECTION, and you can import internal forces from RFEM/RSTAB into RSECTION.

New Feature in RFEM 6 and RSTAB 9: Result Table Manager


12 May 2022


Product Feature

For a better display of results, the displayed columns and rows can be reduced with the new result table manager.

Video: Flexible Online License


11 May 2022



The video explains the functionality and numerous advantages of the new online license.

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Wind Simulation & Wind Load Generation

With the stand -alone program RWIND Simulation, you can simulate wind flows around simple or complex structures by means of a digital wind tunnel.

The generated wind loads acting on these objects can be imported to RFEM or RSTAB.