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Free School Version

  • We offer colleges and universities the opportunity to use our programs, including all add-ons, free of charge for non‑commercial purposes for a period of one year. After this duration, renewal is possible.
  • Licensing is online. Information on the technical requirements can be found in this FAQ.
  • This offer includes free email support as part of the Service Contract Basic, as well as all program updates and upgrades.
  • New add-on modules are available as part of the upgrades and can be requested. Information about new add-on modules and upgrades is provided at least once a year.
  • Existing contracts can be modified to take this offer into account immediately.
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Support of Students
Students have access to a free student license while enrolled at a university or other educational institution. The license is valid for one year and can be renewed for an additional year by submitting updated proof of enrollment.

Join the many students around the world who are already benefiting from this opportunity. Students also have access to free technical support via email with the Dlubal support team.

Free Structural Analysis Software for Students

Structural Analysis Exercises and Tutorial Videos
Many students utilize Dlubal programs to verify and better understand structural analysis challenges. Check out our tutorial videos, which include simple examples, to see how easy it is to work with Dlubal programs.

These tutorial videos are particularly dedicated to students who are new users of the structural FEA software RFEM and the structural frame analysis program RSTAB.

Structural Engineering Tutorials and Tutorial Videos for Students

Support for Your Graduation Thesis
Many seminar papers, student projects, bachelors' theses, Masters' theses, dissertations, and doctoral theses have been written while utilizing Dlubal software. With a short learning curve, students can calculate sophisticated structures seamlessly, which you can view in the list of published theses on the Dlubal website.

Graduation Theses
We support universities and students!

For all schools, universities, colleges, and other non-commercial educational institutions, we provide free full versions of our structural analysis programs for teaching purposes, including in lab-type settings.