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Service Contract

Service Contracts

Keep the Dlubal programs up to date with a service contract. We offer you regular updates. So you are fully equipped to get the most out of your programs.

With the Service Contract Pro you also benefit from telephone support and, if necessary, from online support via an Internet video conference.

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Updates are minor revisions and innovations within a program generation, for example, from version 6.01.0019 to 6.02.0074.

Since the main programs are strongly networked with the add-ons, an update always affects the entire program family. With a service contract, you will automatically receive the updates via your Dlubal account.


In contrast to updates, upgrades are very much revised or completely new program versions. Upgrade jumps are not possible. This means that it is not possible to upgrade the program version 3.xx to the version 5.xx, if there is the version 4.xx.

It is necessary to comply with any intermediate versions and purchase them. A service contract gives you discounted upgrade conditions.

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