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  • More than 45,000 users in 95 countries
  • One software package for all application areas
  • Short learning time and intuitive handling
  • Service provided by experienced engineers
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Flexible modular concept, extensible according to your needs
  • Scalable license system with single and network licenses
  • Proven software used in many well-known projects


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Working with RFEM is a pleasure every day!

"“We are a design office specializing in concrete and metal structures. We have chosen the RFEM software suite for the calculation of structures and mechanical parts.

For more than a year, it has been a daily pleasure to work with this tool! The team is attentive and technically relevant while the software is intuitive, efficient and extremely complete. Well done ! "

Very Successful RWIND Simulation Webinar

"The webinar about RWIND Simulation was very successful!

From now on, it is possible to analyze wind forces on geometries of objects that are not regulated in the standard. The wind force assumption according to the standard was often a more or less good estimate."

Hotline is Outstanding

"Great praise to the hotline, which is really outstanding. I don't know anybody who is as easy to reach and provides such help."

Very Good Webinar "RWIND Simulation - Wind Simulation & Wind Load Generation"

"I really enjoyed the webinar. It was so well designed and organized that I sometimes forgot the presentation was live.

I am a student and started using the program a few weeks ago. This webinar was my first webinar. If I was a Dlubaler, I probably would have had questions right away. Instead I just had a look and I am very excited about the capabilities of the software."

Impressive RWIND Simulation Webinar

"Your webinar on RWIND Simulation was very impressive. Like the speakers at the info days, the speaker confidently described the performance of the new program.

I am pleased to be a customer of such an innovative software developer that does not rest on its laurels, but constantly provides users with new tools to make working even more pleasant and efficient.

Keep it up!"

Great Program RWIND Simulation

"RWIND Simulation - absolutely brilliant!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!"

With the free student licence, I can familiarize myself with the software and use it during my studies

"RSTAB is a software program that I discovered recently and it is really useful for the design of steel structures. The webinars available on the Dlubal website helped me to understand the different functions of the program. With the free student licence, I can familiarize myself with the software and use it during my studies. I recommend it especially to civil engineering students."

Amazed and Grateful

"I am amazed and grateful for Dlubal's customer service. It’s fast and one of the reason why I recommend your software to other structural engineers."

A Perfect Combination

"The RFEM add-on module RF-STABILITY is a perfect combination with RWIND Simulation.Using RF-STABILITY, I can perform a buckling analysis to get accurate effective lengths. Using RWIND Simulation, I can get accurate wind loads. For unusual shape structures, it would be a wild guess if using wind loads from the standard code... either not conservative or too conservative. My client is happy with the results, and impressed!"

Positive Experience

"We really appreciate the prompt replies and personalized approach we receive from Dlubal. It makes the transition to RFEM an easy and positive experience for all involved!"

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