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Webinar at Champions League Level

"I would like to thank you and your colleagues for yesterday's webinar. It was again a Champions League level."

Dlubal Software is one of my longstanding favorite tools

"Form-Finding and Membrane Structures are interesting and potentially complex topics. Dlubal Software is one of my longstanding favorite tools. And their learning/webinars are the best I have encountered from any software company."

Favorite Analysis Software

"We are very impressed by the work Dlubal puts into developing RFEM and responding to issues. It’s a great software package and you’re constantly making it better and better. RFEM is by far our favorite analysis software at the moment, so thank you for the work you put into this!"

Top Service

"Top service from you!"

Satisfied with our investment!

"We use Dlubal programs for calculations for the customers who ask us for structural analysis services, iespecially for steel structures of plants. Employees in our office are happy with our investment in your technology"

Happy to Receive Dlubal Newsletters

"Thank you very much for your newsletter. I'm always happy to receive it."

Great Webinar About Warping Torsion Analysis

"Thank you very much for the great integration of warping torsion into the general RFEM 6 analysis.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to follow the "Stability Analysis and Torsional Warping (7 DOF) in RFEM 6" live webinar, but due to your recording, which I've watched, I am very excited about the current possibilities of RFEM 6.

I was particularly impressed by the speaker! Please pass on my compliments to him for his calm demeanor and the background knowledge provided of the subject of the webinar, which was not that simple. This video is appropriate to supplement the corresponding lecture contents about warping torsion and stability analyses in steel construction, so that students can also compare the 'black box system' (now it's more transparent) with manual calculations using simplified flange bending or the equivalent member method.

It has always been important to me that students recognize when they have to consider warping torsion and how they can estimate its effect. Also, the correlation between a stability analysis on the entire structure and the design's possible traceability on the equivalent member by the effective lengths of the governing eigenvalue was described excellently in the presentation!"

Powerful, Easy to Use, Easy to Learn...

"We adopted Dlubal in our work and haven't looked back. Powerful, easy to use, easy to learn, with mercifully simple output (once set up)."

Powerful and Efficient Software

"Your software is powerful, convenient, efficient, the concept and theory of the structure is very clear, and I have learned a lot through using this software. For example, the modeling of the cable is very efficient and convenient. In SAP2000, either the members are used to simulate the cables and the prestress is added by temperature reduction, or the cables have to be drawn out one by one. In RFEM, in the curved surface panel, you can directly add the supports perpendicular to the curves. This is very efficient. RFEM can also calculate the membrane structure, including the air pillow type of membrane structure; it is really full-featured."

Thanks to Support and Development

"Whether you require nonlinear time history analysis for machine-induced vibrations, cable and FEA shell analysis, form-finding, BIM and BIM Connector, or RFEM 6 and RSTAB 9 -
if you want to succeed, use Dlubal Software!

With a big "thank you" to the support and software developers at DLUBAL!"

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