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More than 100,000 users in 95 countries
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Short learning time and intuitive software
Service provided by experienced engineers
Excellent price/performance ratio
Flexible modular concept that can be extended as required
Scalable license system with single-user and network licenses
Respected and proven software in many well-known projects


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Excited About Steel Joints Add-on

"I am excited about how you can finally model whatever connections you like with Dlubal Software. The output with the exact calculation history is also great. I will definitely arrange for the Steel Joints add-on to be purchased in our company."

My Clients are Blown Away!

"My clients are blown away by the comprehensive design and nice looking calculation package for our modular building systems. 

Of course, I would not be able to do this without Dlubal software, your team's expertise and excellent customer service. Thank you so much to the Dlubal team."

Convinced of my choice of RFEM 6, I recommend it!

"After analyzing the options on the market, we have chosen RFEM by Dlubal for the calculation of our timber/steel structures, because it is the software that allows the most efficient 3D modeling for these types of complex models.

We appreciated the help of Dlubal's customer service, which was able to guide us in order to model all the technical optimizations. We witnessed the responsiveness and technicality of the Dlubal customer service, which we were able to discuss very specific points with.

We have experimented with the fact that the software does all the Eurocode design checks and yet remains very flexible to the requirements of the project.

We highly recommend the RFEM 6 software!"

Excellent Webinar

I like RFEM 6 very much

"The interface of RFEM 6 is much more intuitive to me than the interface of RFEM 5. The structure of tables is also well-arranged, so my work with RFEM 6 is more straightforward and clear."

Carefully Prepared Webinars

"I would like to thank you for your work. All speakers prepare very carefully for the webinars and present the information in a thorough and accessible manner. I enjoy watching and learning from your webinars."

Quick Introduction and Responsive Technical Support

"After testing several software programs, we were looking for a tool capable of processing structural analysis and design according to Eurocode, but also of integrating the steel joint design in a simple way. For this reason, we have decided for RFEM 6, which meets all our requirements. The program operation is quick to learn, despite the multitude of features and options provided. The technical service is available to answer all our questions within extremely short time. This is appreciable, considering the urgency of the cases handled."

Outstanding Software

"You are making great improvements to the Dlubal software RFEM, the Add-ons, codes, etc. It is great to see how Dlubal has become an outstanding software for structural engineers. I particularly love to see that tensile membrane structures can also be modeled with Dlubal. Kudos!"

Very Interesting Webinar on Concrete Design in RFEM and RSTAB

"The webinar was very interesting and is a motivation to deepen and further use the program."

Thank You for Great Support

"Thank you for your patience! I use the Dlubal products not only because it is great software for timber structures, but also because of the support provided by great engineers like you."

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