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Calculations on External Computing Server


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Cloud computing allows you to perform calculations on an external computing server. The calculation does not limit the processing power of your local computer, so you can fully use it for other tasks.

For complex calculation tasks, you can use a more powerful machine than the local one available, and thus save your valuable time. Furthermore, the cloud calculations allow you to carry out variant studies where each variant runs on its own calculation server. Due to this parallelization, the results for your evaluation are available much faster.



  • Outsource calculation on a computing server in the cloud
  • Option to select different powerful computing servers
  • Clearly arranged display of all calculation tasks in the Extranet
  • Calculated files are available for download for two months
  • Virtually unlimited computing capacity using cloud technology

Input and Calculation

The model and loads are entered as usual in the RFEM interface.

You can start the cloud calculation by selecting an entry in the Calculate menu. Then, select the virtual machine suitable for the task and start the calculation.

After the start, the image is used to create a virtual machine on which the computing server is started. This takes over the calculation of your file.

You can monitor the processing of calculation tasks in the Extranet.



After completing the calculation, you will receive an email with a link to download the calculated file. Large files are compressed into a ZIP archive. Smaller files can be downloaded directly.

As an alternative, there is a link to the calculated file in the Extranet.

The downloaded file is a common RFEM file and can be used for further processing as usual.

Price for Cloud Calculations per Minute 

Virtual Machine Machine Type CPU RAM Credits/Minute
F4s_v2 Microsoft Azure 4 8 0.25
F8s_v2 Microsoft Azure 8 16 0.45
F16s_v2 Microsoft Azure 16 32 0.95
F32s_v2 Microsoft Azure 32 64 1.90
Dlu_1 Automatically 8 8 0.45


Cloud Calculations

  • Valuable time savings: By outsourced calculations to the cloud, you can work more efficiently with our software.
  • Unlimited Scalability: Benefit from the unlimited computing capacity.
  • Convenient application: Cloud calculations are fast and can be done with just a few clicks.