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There is something for your ears here! Our podcasts provide you with structural engineering for listening. This is an absolute must for structural engineers, and everybody interested in structural analysis and the Dlubal Software programs. What are innovative trends in structural engineering? What does the future of the construction industry look like?

Martina Summerer and Daniel Dlubal explore these exciting topics in our Dlubal Podcast Digital and Innovative Trends in Structural Engineering. Curious to learn more?

Dlubal Blog

Our blog covers interesting topics related to construction. We pay attention to the digital trends and innovations that everyone involved in the construction industry encounters now and will encounter in the future. We also provide a glimpse behind the scenes of the Dlubal Software company and report on sustainable building materials as well as exciting structures.

Good to Know

The video series "Good to Know" discusses daily engineering topics and the theory behind these subjects. This is an ideal series to gain or expand your engineering knowledge.

These videos include animated and informative examples from the engineering industry as well as easy to understand explanations.

Introduction to Structural Analysis and Design

The video series "Introduction to Structural Analysis and Design" offers valuable information on important structural analysis and design topics. The aim is to better understand basic structural engineering knowledge as well as expand viewer’s existing knowledge.

With our animated and easy to understand videos, the theory is explained as a simple application. Utilizing the Dlubal structural analysis and design software additionally helps convey the examples.


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The videos include practical examples and various program functions. The short demonstrations also include audio and/or written captioning.

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