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Privacy Policy - Use and Support of Dlubal Programs



As part of the use of Dlubal programs, personal data may be processed which are required to process the application questions, to resolve possible problems in the current or future versions, or to implement desired functionalities in future versions.


Legal Basis of Processing

The legal basis for the processing is Chap. II, Art. 6(1)(b) of GDPR (processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract).


Authorization File

The authorization file contains the company name or username as well as the address of the company or the user. The Author.ini file contains specific information about the product key and is necessary for the software licensing. The registered company name or username as well as the address are also preset in the printout report header.


Data Collection in History, Project Manager, and Windows Information

A full Windows username is saved in the history of an RFEM/RSTAB file.

The following data are saved in an RFEM/RSTAB file and shown in the Project Manager:

  • Full Windows username
  • Used add-on module
  • Date of creation and modification
  • Processing time
  • Customer number

By installing a plug-in for the Windows Explorer, the username as well as the date of creation and modification of a file are also visible there.


Data Collection in Windows System Information

By using the "System Diagnoses" function, the MSInfo32 tool by Microsoft may carry out a computer analysis and generate system information. By clicking the "System Info" button, the Windows System Information us opened and saved as a file.

This file contains the information about hardware resources, components, and software environment related to the respective user.


Data Processing by Support and Quality Management

Users of Dlubal Software may use different channels to send us their requests: by phone/fax, email, or by using a form on our website (Ask Individual Question / Submit Program Feature or Idea / Report Problem or Program Issue).

The data submitted with your request are first processed in our CRM system in order to handle the request.

The following data are processed in our development database (NetGenium), if required for processing the request:

  • User-related data
    • Company name
    • Customer number
    • Contact person name
    • Email address, if required
  • Hardware
    • Operating system
  • Software
    • Program
    • Version
    • Problem description
  • Files
    • File name
    • Models, screenshots

Data Transfer and Recipients

These personal data are transmitted to our legally independent Dlubal branches in the shared CRM system and development database (NetGenium). More information about the Dlubal locations is available at:

Furthermore, our software development provider can access these personal data in our shared development database (NetGenium).

Depending on the user's country, the request may also be transmitted to our local authorized resellers, who are responsible for request processing.

More information about the Dlubal resellers is available at:


Data Security

The personal data are exclusively transferred via the HTTPS encryption or a VPN connection.


Using Log Files

Your satisfaction with the Dlubal programs is our top priority. The new program generation RFEM 6 and RSTAB 9 allows you to send log files to our company via online registration. We use this to better analyze and improve our programs for your applications. By default, this setting is activated under the program options. However, you can rescind your consent in the programs at any time.

Contact Us

Contact Dlubal

If you have any questions about this privacy policy and the processing of your personal data, you can contact our internal data protection officer via email at [email protected].

Our data protection officer can assist you with requested information, suggestions, or concerns.

(267) 702-2815

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