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Dlubal Software programs and add‑on modules include a wide range of powerful features. In addition to product features, you can find here technical articles from the structural engineering field.

Furthermore, this overview provides you with several handy tips and tricks for your work with RFEM and RSTAB, add‑on modules, and stand‑alone programs.

Product Features

Dlubal Software programs and add-on modules include a wide range of powerful features.

Since our software is subject to continuous development, we are constantly adding new features. In doing so, we also take account of our customers' wishes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can find a list of frequently asked questions sent to the Dlubal Software hotline as well as various problems from the daily work of users.

Filter categories and key words help you find the relevant question or answer.

Ask Individual Question

We provide an online form for you to ask an individual question that is forwarded to our hotline team.
We will try to answer your question in a fast and efficient way.

Customer Support and Hotline

Customer service is a fundamental pillar of the Dlubal Software company philosophy. Our interest in customers does not end at the point of sale. We offer any necessary support you need to complete your daily work.

Contact Persons for Support & Sales

Our colleagues are looking forward to answering any questions concerning the Dlubal Software products.

Depending on whether you have a question regarding the purchase or request technical information, you can find the relevant contact person here.

Arrange Online Product Demo

Let us briefly introduce you to the Dlubal Software programs within an online product demonstration and find out the optimum software combination for you.

Request Quote or Callback

Are you interested in purchasing a program by Dlubal Software and would like to request a no-obligation quote?
Simply use this website. In addition, you can also request a callback from one of our sales representatives here.

Submit Program Feature or Idea

Dlubal Software programs are constantly being developed and optimized. Therefore, we are grateful for your improvement suggestions or ideas.

Report Problem or Program Bug

If you find a program bug or deficiency in our program, we would be grateful for your notice.

Please, send us a short description of the bug or deficiency and attach the relevant files and pictures.

Contact us

Contact Dlubal Software

Do you have any questions for our customer support?
Contact us or find various suggested solutions and useful tips on our FAQ pages.

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Customers with Service Contract Pro have the advantage of using our video support.

For this, you need the TeamViewer program that can be downloaded here. Start the program and follow the instructions of your online advisor.

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“I'm impressed by the promptness and competence of the Dlubal Software support team again and again.”