Stand-Alone Programs - Timber Structures


The program package RX‑TIMBER covers the programs RX‑TIMBER Glued-Laminated Beam, RX‑TIMBER Continuous Beam and RX‑TIMBER Column.

Glued‑laminated beams, continuous beams, and columns can be designed at the ultimate and the serviceability limit state according to EN 1995‑1‑1:2010‑12/NA:2013‑08 (EC 5). In addition, it is possible to perform fire resistance design according to EN 1995‑1‑2.

Glued-Laminated Beams

RX‑TIMBER Glued‑Laminated Beam performs design of wide‑span glulam beams in eight different beam types (parallel, monopitch roof, duopitch roof beam, and others).

It is possible to consider typical transversal tension reinforcements such as bonded steel bars.

Continuous Beams

The RX‑TIMBER Continuous Beam analyzes single‑span and continuous beams as well as hinged girder systems with or without cantilever.


The RX‑TIMBER Column program designs hinged columns (optionally with elastic head or footing restraint) and brackets (optionally with elastic footing restraint). There are various round and rectangular cross‑sections available.


The stand‑alone program RX‑TIMBER Purlin designs coupled purlins or continuous beams at the ultimate and the serviceability limit state as well as fire resistance according to Eurocode 5.

Three-Hinged Frames

RX‑TIMBER Frame performs all required designs according to EC 5 for three‑hinged frames with the following geometry types:

  • Symmetrical / asymmetrical
  • Half-frame
  • Column sloping inside/outside
  • Intermediate piece with/without

Stiffening Truss Bracings

The RX‑TIMBER Brace stand‑alone program performs the ultimate and the serviceability limit state design as well as fire resistance design of truss bracing for stiffening according to Eurocode 5.


RX‑TIMBER Roof performs all required designs according to EC 5 for the following roof types:

  • Flat roof
  • Monopitch roof
  • Duopitch roof (symmetrical / asymmetrical)

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