RF-COM/RS-COM Add-on Module for RFEM/RSTAB

Further Information

Help Files and Example Macros

Here you can download the help files and example macros for connecting RF‑COM with RFEM or RS‑COM with RSTAB (and add‑on modules).


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Programmable COM Interface for RFEM/RSTAB

The RF-COM/RS-COM add‑on module is a programmable interface (API) based on the COM technology. This interface allows you to customize the main programs RFEM and RSTAB to meet your individual needs and to add customized input macros or post‑processing programs.

  1. Features

    RF-COM/RSCOM creates RFEM/RSTAB models and write data as well as load cases, load and result combinations.

    RF-COM/RSCOM consists of an instruction set that can be embedded in common programming languages, such as Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Visual C++ (also .NET). The instruction set includes objects and methods that allow access to the RFEM/RSTAB data.

    To be able to use RF-COM/RSCOM, you only need an editor, a compiler and basic programming knowledge. You can easily integrate the supplied object library to the editor. For example, in the case of Microsoft Excel, you have everything you need as a VBA editor is included in this software.

    The RF-COM/RSCOM interface requires valid licences for RF-COM/RSCOM as well as for RFEM/RSTAB and the respective add-on modules whose data is to be used.

  2. Program code in Visual Studio

    Application Areas of RF-COM/RSCOM

    • Structure generator for typical geometries with loading and combinations
    • Importing and exporting data from spreadsheet programs such as MS Excel and MS Access
    • Connection to various programs compatible with COM, for example CAD systems
    • Customized pre- and postprocessing modules
    • Processing and results of data in user-defined formats
  3. Input Generator for more field-ceiling plate created in VBA (MS Excel)

    Scope of Functions

    • Reading and writing access to structural data, load case data, load and result combinations, and calculation results
    • External control of calculation
    • Possibility to open and edit available models or to create new models
    • Access to all results such as deformations, internal forces, and support reactions
    • Ability to intercept possible errors using error messages
    • Access to control elements as well as results of the following add‑on modules:
      • RF-/STEEL
      • RF-/STEEL EC3
      • RF-/CONCRETE
      • RX-TIMBER Glued-Laminated Beam
      • RF-/TIMBER Pro
      • SUPER-RC

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PRICE for RFEM (VAT excluded)

  • RF-COM 5.xx

    580.00 USD

  • Next License

    261.00 USD

PRICE for RSTAB (VAT excluded)

  • RS-COM 8.xx

    580.00 USD

  • Next License

    261.00 USD

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