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Product Feature

RF-COM/RS‑COM creates RFEM/RSTAB models and writes data. The same applies to load cases, load combinations, and result combinations.

RF-COM/RS‑COM consists of an instruction set that can be embedded in common programming languages, such as Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Visual C++ (also .NET). The instruction set includes objects and methods that allow access to the RFEM/RSTAB data.

To be able to use RF-COM/RS‑COM, you only need an editor, a compiler and basic programming knowledge. You can easily integrate the supplied object library to the editor. For example, in the case of Microsoft Excel, you have everything you need as a VBA editor is included in this software.

The RF-COM/RS‑COM interface requires valid licences for RF‑COM/RS‑COM as well as for RFEM/RSTAB and the respective add‑on modules whose data is to be used.

RFEM Other
RF-COM 5.xx

Add-on Module

Programmable interface (API) based on the COM technology

Price of First License
580.00 USD