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Privacy Policy - Customer Account



If you purchase a product from Dlubal Software, we will set up a password-protected direct online access to your inventory data stored in your customer account. You can view and possibly manage the following data in your customer account:

  • Current news (for example, current information on new versions, new products, update reports, downloads)
  • User Data (title, name, email address, phone, fax, preferred language, change of password, and so on)
  • Company Data (customer number, company name, type of company, phone, fax, email address, website, VAT number, address, and so on)
  • Manage Users (an overview of the company's users, assignment of admin rights)
  • Authorization Files (dowload of all company authorization files)
  • Product Downloads (download of current versions of the company)
  • License Key (an overview with key designation, number, type, expiry date, and number of licenses)
  • Purchased Licenses (an overview of purchased products with assignment to license keys)
  • Service Contracts (an overview of the company's current service contracts with the expiration date and annual fee)
  • Price Quotes (an overview of quotes received, PDF download, only accessible to users with admin rights)
  • Invoices (an overview of invoices received, PDF download, only accessible to users with admin rights)
  • Vouchers (an overview of vouchers received, expiry date, amount, status, redemption date)

Termination of Customer Account

If you as a customer do not want to have a password-protected customer account, you can terminate it at any time, of course. Please address your request in writing (for example, by email, fax, letter) to our contact address.


Data Security

Access to your customer account is only possible after entering your personal password. You should always treat your access information confidentially and close the browser window when you have finished the communication with us, especially if you share the computer with others.

To prevent unauthorized access to your personal data by third parties, the connection is encrypted using TLS technology.

Contact Us

Contact Dlubal

If you have any questions about this privacy policy and the processing of your personal data, you can contact our internal data protection officer via email at [email protected].

Our data protection officer can assist you with requested information, suggestions, or concerns.

(267) 702-2815

[email protected]