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Why can not I activate my softlock?


Thank you for your e-mail request. Please download one of the DLUBAL programs via the link below. Then delete the file authore.ini on your PC, which you will find in the directory c: \ ProgramData \ Dlubal \ Global \ General Data \. (If the directory is not displayed, please show the hidden files in the options of the Windows Explorer). Please execute the activation with this program version. After activation, the X.07 program versions can also be used. http://extranet.dlubal.com/?file=RFEM5.06.3039_32bit.exe http://extranet.dlubal.com/?file=RFEM5.06.3039_64bit.exe http://extranet.dlubal.com/?file = RSTAB8.06.3039_32bit.exe http://extranet.dlubal.com/?file=RSTAB8.06.3039_64bit.exe


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