RF-LINK Add-on Module for RFEM

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  • Add-on Module of Category 'Other'

RFEM Interface for Data Import in Formats Step, IGES, ACIS


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The RF-LINK add‑on module extends a range of data format for import to RFEM. The following additional interfaces are available:

  • Standard ACIS Text Format (*.sat)
  • Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (*.igs, *.iges)
  • Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data (*. stp, *.step)

These data formats allow you to import the model geometry in the form of boundary lines, surfaces, and solids. The models can be imported either as RFEM objects (nodes, lines, surfaces, solids) or as background layers in order to set the nodes manually.

The quality of the imported model depends on the original program. The import is carried out exclusively by means of files. Those formats are used mainly in the mechanical engineering industry.

  1. Standard ACIS Text Format (*.sat)

    The ACIS SAT file format is smaller than other 3D formats, saving you time when importing and exporting models. The export currently supports the ACIS 7.0 format.

    In addition, SAT is considered to be particularly robust, and all geometry and topology data, where relevant in RFEM, is retained in the highly accurate SAT models.

  2. Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (*.igs, *.iges)

    The Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES) defines a neutral, highly independent data format, which is used to exchange digital information among Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs.

  3. Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data (*.stp, *.step)

    The STEP format represents a standard interface initiated by ISO (ISO 10303). In the topology specification, all shapes (line, surface and solid models) relevant for RFEM can be transferred from CAD models.

    Please note: This format is completely different from the product interface DSTV (Deutscher Stahlbau Verband), which uses the same file extension *.stp.

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