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Over 45,000 users in 95 countries
One software package for all application areas
Short learning time and intuitive software
Service provided by experienced engineers
Excellent price/performance ratio
Flexible modular concept that can be extended as required
Scalable license system with single-user and network licenses
Respected and proven software in many well-known projects


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Clear Presentations and Webinars...

"Just want to thank you for your clear presentations and webinars. Clear and straight forward. I recommend our new RFEM users to check them out. Keep up the good work."

Powerful, Easy to Use, Easy to Learn...

"We adopted Dlubal in our work and haven't looked back. Powerful, easy to use, easy to learn, with mercifully simple output (once set up)."

A Very Informative RFEM Training

"We had the opportunity to take part in a very informative training on seismic design in RFEM. We were able to deepen our knowledge in dynamics, multimodal spectral analysis, and dynamic effects on structures, and to see modeling examples in RFEM."

Exceptional Software

"The RFEM software allowed us to accurately model the solar tracker with nonlinear calculation and the integration of very specific stiffnesses on the connections.

The RF‑STEEL EC3 add-on module, which designs the elements according to Eurocode 3, was also very useful for the optimization of the structure.

Furthermore, the extraction of various parameters of the model or of the results (forces and nodal displacements) facilitated the automation of the modeling process of the tracker and saved a considerable amount of time.

The support provided by Dlubal was a great help in the realization of this project.

Besides the rapid response to our questions, Dlubal has provided us technical solutions to improve our model."

The Difference is Remarkable

"The training and supporting information for RFEM is excellent. I have been able to find answers on the web for almost all my questions, and the Dlubal technical support engineers have helped with a couple of specific problems as well. Compared to certain other software that we use, the difference is remarkable."

User-Friendly Software

"In general I like RFEM because I think it's very user-friendly, in fact it simplifies repetitive work a lot but at the same time you can control and set all parameters."

Fantastic Software

"I am a high school engineering teacher, and I have been teaching my students finite element modeling for years now and I generally use educational packages. I've downloaded your program, and in the 90 days trial period I enjoyed modeling structures for testing like never before. I think your software is great."

Well Organized and Delivered

"The online training was very well organized and delivered. The manual to follow along with the instructor Alex during the training is also very neat and clear. Alex is very good in his presentation and very knowledgeable. Amy is also great with any additional information needed. Thank you both!"

Amazing Support

"The software is great; it's handled everything we’ve needed to do.  But it pales in comparison to the amazing support Dlubal provides.  Not only are the responses always on point, they are timely as well. 

Really good stuff you presented

"I just wanted to send you my compliments of the webinar. That was really good stuff you presented. These tips and tricks about how to be more effective is super good!

Overall I am super content with RFEM and how the product development is. Also with the webinars, how your communication is and so on.

Keep up the goods!"

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