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  • More than 45,000 users in 95 countries
  • One software package for all application areas
  • Short learning time and intuitive handling
  • Service provided by experienced engineers
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Flexible modular concept, extensible according to your needs
  • Scalable license system with single and network licenses
  • Proven software used in many well-known projects


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Versatile, easy to use, and intuitive

"I use the software everyday for designing timber structures and I am very satisfied. In particular, I would like to point out the possibility to model any type of situation, and this versatility allows me to simulate any situation. The program is a sophisticated analysis software, but at the same time easy to use and very intuitive. The only small problem is that the manuals are not always up-to-date. However, there are many examples on the Internet in the communities of different countries. I highly recommend it."

Many Thanks to the Dlubal Team

"I would like to thank all Dlubal employees. The software is very well programmed and the support, especially with the webinars, is also very good and helps to familiarize with new applications. This combination of the very good product and free, targeted support by very well-structured webinars is, in my opinion, the main reason for your success.

I hope it will continue this way! Congratulations to all developers and thank you to the management and all employees for this great product and concept."

Above and Beyond

"The support I’ve received from Dlubal is really above and beyond anything I’ve had in the past. The software and the support have been worth every cent!"

Great Webinar for Students

"The webinar "Design Cold-Formed Steel Sections According to EC3" was great. It was my first webinar and I would like to follow more in the future. Especially for new users/students like me and if too fast, it is very good that it is recorded and you can watch it again. I also like the fact that I was able to follow the webinar free of charge because students would rather not attend a paid webinar."

Very Good Webinar

"Thank you for the webinar "Design Cold-Formed Steel Sections According to Eurocode 3". I really liked it. The webinar recordings are a real plus point. Keep it up!"

Thank You for the Brilliant Webinar

"Thank you for this brilliant webinar. Very well structured and very easy to understand. The others have to compete against you."

Powerful and Intuitive

"I really enjoy watching the webinars you showcase on YouTube. They helped me to convince my client to recently purchase RFEM. They provide a wealth of information.

I really enjoy using RFEM. I've used many analysis softwares in my career but never have I come across a software as powerful and intuitive as RFEM. Thanks for re-sparking a new passion for me.

In just a few weeks, I've been able to use RFEM to analyse some amazing structures, from small to big. I don't understand why everyone is not using Dlubal? It's given my client the edge in this competitive environment.

Keep up the great work."

We Have Fun Working with RFEM Every Day!

"We are an engineering office specialized in concrete and metal structures. We have decided to purchase the RFEM software to calculate structures and mechanical components.

For more than a year, it has been a daily pleasure to work with this tool! The support team is attentive with specialist knowledge while the software is intuitive, efficient and extremely comprehensive. Well done!"

Quick Support in Time

"Thank you for the prompt and very fast support, it was crucial for my work being under time pressure; excellent customer service. Really, thank you very much!"

User-friendly Interface and Valuable Help

"I was able to complete the calculation of my building in the best possible way and would like to thank you very much for the support that you have given me on a big scale. I think your software and the quite easy way to enter model data, and the entire user-friendly interface of the software, in general, is very good, but without your valuable advice, I could not have solved the various problems I faced."

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