Great Method of Wind Load Determination with RWIND

I would like to thank you and the Dlubal company for providing me with the RWIND 2 license.

I enjoyed this program and its features when carrying out the analysis for my Master's thesis. Determining wind loads using RWIND 2 is a great method, which has always provided very accurate results in my analyses. For both simple and complex buildings, wind loads can be determined either quickly or very accurately in RWIND 2's digital wind tunnel.

In my opinion, the numerical method in general will play a significant role in the economic sector in the future, as it has many advantages over the wind load determination according to Eurocode and the wind tunnel test. However, due to the lack of standard regulations, there are still starting points that need to be developed. I hope that my Master's thesis provides you and your colleagues with an insight and knowledge of my experience.
Bastian Theissen
StudentAachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany