RFEM, an irreplaceable software!

I have been using RFEM 6 to design steel in Italy and abroad for a few years now and it has become irreplaceable! Geometric modeling, always quick and precise, is made easy and fun by internal tools (such as CAD). Any type of structure from the simplest ones (beam elements) to the most complex geometries with shell elements are modeled with ease; BIM is excellent with other software. Editing is also simple and in case of changes and revisions to the project it takes a moment to implement them. It is a simple multi-regulation software, flexible in use, clear, complete with every type of structural analysis, both static and dynamic, precise and reliable. In my opinion it excels in the non-linearities present both in input and in the management of non-linear calculation, the quality of the meshing is excellent. The post processing is very complete and the results are always clear, usable and simple to consult and interpret. He always leaves me free in my design choices and assists me in each one. Comparing myself with colleagues who use other software, frankly it is impossible to find better. It simply does things that other software doesn't do and it does them in a simple way. The assistance from Team Italia has always been up to par and has also improved a lot over the years with continuous growth. Thanks and congratulations!

Marco Valdini
Senior Structural Engineer Via Stezzano, 87 Bergamo, Italywww.ctp.mi.it