RFEM – Proven Choice for Realistic Modeling and Optimum User Experience

After a six-month trial, I've decided to switch to Dlubal RFEM because of its superior ability to model structures and their behavior as close to reality as possible, compared to the other models used: effective eccentricities, linear or nonlinear supports and hinges, various member sections, steel connection configurator with a wide range of options, and so on.

Moreover, the interface is user-friendly and intuitive, so it's easy to understand the functions without having to refer to the documentation.

Result filters allow for a quick interpretation of the calculations, while setting up and editing the calculation notes is quick and easy.

A significant advantage is a wide range of resources on the Dlubal website as well as on Youtube.

Last but not least, the sales and technical service are always ready to answer your questions. The main points of the comparison are excellent. I'm thus convinced of my choice.

Jean-Charles Hervieux
FRACTIO, 22 rue Paul Clemencin, 27500 Pont-Audemer, France https://www.fractio.fr