6 years of experience with RFEM 5 and 6: ease of use, clear results, and exemplary technical service

After 6 years of using the software RFEM (RFEM 5 and RFEM 6), my experience is very positive.
The program is easy to learn due to a very intuitive interface which facilitates the modeling and the evaluation of results.
The results are presented in a very clear way with a wide range of presentation options (mapping, diagram, table, etc.)
It reduces the effect of a black box by displaying the intermediate values.
It also provides the option to work with predefined standards or materials and the option to customize them with specific constitutive laws.
Another strength of RFEM is the technical support that is very quick to respond.
Mohand Bellache
COGECI, 10 Avenue des Canuts, CS 80034, 69517 Vaulx-en-Velin Cedex, France https://www.cogeci.fr/