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Why is the compensated cutting pattern length of a membrane surface incompatible with the defined compensation?


The integral flattening process in RF-CUTTING-PATTERN does not flatten each cutting pattern individually, but rather the complete model geometry in one step. In this case, the line type of the respective cutting pattern units also has an effect on the adjacent cutting patterns.

If there is a welding line between two cutting patterns, the program ensures that the lines in the connecting area are equal. The geometry of the cutting patterns is determined in the way that the relevant edge lengths of the cutting patterns are identical.

The line type of "boundary line" allows for an independent examination of the adjacent cutting pattern units. The length of the boundary lines in the adjacent area may be different.

Basically, the cutting pattern units meet the following conditions:

  1. Surface compensation,
  2. Boundary line compensation, and
  3. Boundary line type.
These requirements are numerically precisely represented in the integral calculation. Especially in the case of cutting patterns in the boundary area, the process is usually not able to determine a universally applicable shape of the cutting pattern as there are too many boundary conditions.

Thus, the program is close to the optimum solution. The affected cutting patterns are particularly noticeable due to their curvature in relation to the uncompensated solution. Due to the greater degree of modification, these cutting patterns also differ slightly from the defined compensation specifications, but are in equilibrium with all other cutting patterns because of the overall calculation.


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