RF-PIPING Design Add-on Module for RFEM

Piping Design and Pipe Stress Analysis

The RF‑PIPING Design add‑on module performs piping designs. The program compares the existing pipe stresses with the allowable stresses according to EN 13480‑3, ASME B31.1, and ASME B31.3.

Analysis in RF‑PIPING Design is based on the piping model in the RF‑PIPING module.

  1. Features

    • Design according to EN 13480‑3, ASME B31.1, and ASME B31.3
    • Check of the minimum required wall thickness of the pipes, taking into account manufacturing allowances, corrosion, and welding factor
    • Analysis of stresses due to sustained loads, sustained and occasional loads as well as due to thermal expansion
    • Result documentation with tables and graphics in the RFEM printout report
  2. Graphical representation of pipeline analysis results in RFEM

    Working with RF-PIPING Design

    After modeling pipelines in RFEM using RF‑PIPING and defining loads as well as load and result combinations, you can carry out pipe stress analysis in the RF‑PIPING Design add‑on module.

    You can select all or only some pipelines and load combinations for piping design. The material library provides various materials conforming with the standards EN 13480‑3, ASME B31.1, and ASME B31.3.

    After the calculation, the results are displayed in clearly arranged windows, for example by cross‑section, by pipeline, or by members. It is also possible to display the design ratio graphically on the entire model in RFEM. Thus, you can quickly recognize critical or over-sized areas.

    In addition to input and result data including design details shown in tables, you can add any graphic into the printout report. In this way, a comprehensible and clearly arranged documentation is guaranteed. You can select the report contents and results extent specifically for the individual designs.

Price (VAT excl.)

1,480.00 USD

Price is only valid for the software usage in United States.

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