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User opinions and experience

Our customers express their experience with the structural analysis programs by Dlubal Software here.

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Why Dlubal Software?


  • More than 25,000 users in 71 countries
  • One software package for all application areas
  • Short learning time and intuitive handling
  • Service provided by experienced engineers
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Flexible modular concept, extensible according to your needs
  • Scalable license system with single and network licenses
  • Proven software used in many well-known projects


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Primary FEA Software

"Dlubal’s licence and technical support are a substantial reason for RFEM as my primary of general purpose FEA software. Definitely a contributing factor in our purchases of add-on software as well as in our options of software for potential new hires."

Informative Dlubal Webinar

"The Dlubal webinars featuring RFEM are always well prepared, informative and to-the-point."

Versatile Software and Great Service

"ACS Production chose RFEM in order to have a versatile software that allows us to design our tensile membranes alongside our steel, timber, or aluminum structures in a single user environment.

The software’s capabilities and user-friendly interface are a real advantage over the competition. What’s more, the customer support’s dedication, modernness, responsiveness, and skillset ensure that each and every one of our projects is properly realized."

A Complete Software Solution

"RFEM is a very intuitive program that allows us to quickly design steel, concrete, and timber structures, whether they are simple or complex.

The technical support team is very quick to respond and professional.

Outstanding Service

"The service of Dlubal can be described as excellent when replying to program issues. The replies to program issues have been prepaired very successfully with regard to content and visual appearance. I can only recommend the Dlubal company."

Design of Nice Project

"The engineering office Emmer Pfenninger Partner AG has planned, tendered and monitored a nice project in Switzerland with RFEM and RF-GLASS. The building Swiss Re has an external, point-supported facade made of curved laminated glass which focuses on design."

Best Structural Software

"Dlubal is the best structural software in the world."

Excellent Customer Support

"Thank you very much for your support. Your solution has helped me a lot. Excellent customer support!"

Powerful Webinar

"I watched the webinar "Dlubal Information Day online 2014 - Part 2: RFEM 5 - Structural Analysis with Finite Elements for Concrete and Steel Structures" from 2014. It is a good and powerful video!"

Very User-Friendly Software

“After having a chance to dig into the RFEM Evaluation Version (with full features), I find it to be very easy to learn and fun to work with. My assessment is based on my 30-year-plus experience with other FEA software such as NASTRAN, ANSYS, COSMOS, SolidWorks Simulation.

RFEM GUI, in my opinion, is very user-friendly, effective, and logical. There are many user-definable options available in feature-based construction toolbox that allow great flexibility in the design and analysis processes. What makes RFEM a nice FEA package for architecture structural analysis and design is its rich collection pre-defined structural members (elements) and material library that would save users a lot of time in the model construction process. The computation phase (calculation) is pleasantly fast. The post-processing phase (results) offers a wide range of useful information that can be easily selected, organized, and displayed with great clarity. What also impressed me quite a bit is the availability of documentation such as user manuals and tutorials as well as a large collection helpful online videos (free access!) to help you along the way.

On top of that, my experience with in-person customer service has left me with the impression that the developer (Dlubal) is a well-run company.  They were very helpful to me even when I wasn’t even a paying customer! So, yes, I highly recommend RFEM to engineers, students, and researchers alike simply because it’s really a good investment.”

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