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Structural Analysis Models to Download

Here you can find direct access to multiple engineering models (Dlubal files). Download the models to edit, analyze, or design them utilizing RFEM or RSTAB. The filter options help you to find the appropriate model.

Submit Structural Analysis Model

Have you completed a project with our software? You can have your calculated analysis model published on our analysis model website, if you wish. In this case, it will not only be available there, but also on our social media pages. Since we have a very large reach, you get an effective and at the same time free advertising effect. In addition, your projects can serve as inspiration for other structural designers and civil engineers.

Introductory Examples and Tutorials

Various examples and tutorials facilitate your beginnings with RFEM and RSTAB. Step by step, you learn the most important functions of our programs.

You can download the PDF documents directly from the Dlubal Software website.

Verification Examples

The Dlubal Software programs provide comprehensible structural analysis calculations. They are not a "Black Box".

The verification examples available on this page explain how the software works and reveal the calculation methods.

Image Overview

On this webpage, you can find images used on our website. The filter function (e.g. by industry or application area) helps you to find the required image.

Often, structural analysis models to download are available for the images.

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