Wood Product Plant Construction in Torzhok, Russia

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The Kozłowski-Projekt Engineering Office participated in designing a factory which produces wood‑based, high endurance laminate panels. The project by MLT OOO was constructed in Torzhok, Russia, making it Europe’s largest manufacturer of panels of this type.

Structural Engineering Engineering Office Kozłowski-Projekt
Szczecin, Poland

The design by the Kozłowski‑Projekt Engineering Office is comprised of steel supporting structures consisting of more than 30 individual structures with the total weight of approximately 1,300 tons. This constitutes the site’s processing line along with machines.


The scope of the work included structural design and planning as well as assembly documentation. Due to the different production steps, it was necessary to treat each structure individually and to understand the functions and requirements of a given process.

This factory is not the first large project by the Kozłowski‑Projekt Engineering Office. The design was submitted before the scheduled date and the high quality of the design were key factors that distinguished this project and contributed to its success.

It is also worth mentioning that there were no collisions during construction and assembly.

The characteristic features of the design are: easy assembly, proper support conditions, proper operation of machines, and communication.

The main challenge was to coordinate the models from three phases:

  • Technology (PDMS, Inventor)
  • Drafting (Tekla)
  • Structural design (Dlubal RSTAB)

Furthermore, the design qualified for the worldwide finale of Tekla Global Awards.

Project Location

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