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First Steps with RFEM

First Steps

Check out these tips to help you get started with the RFEM program.

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The structural analysis programs RFEM 6 and RSTAB 9 are the optimal solution for the structural analysis and design of steel structures such as steel buildings, steel halls, scaffoldings, bridges, silos, cranes, crane runways, towers, sunrooms, and so on.

The video briefly shows the most important steel design features of both programs.

Cross-section properties software RSECTION
- Creation of thin-walled and solid cross-sections
- Cross-section properties
- Stress analysis
- Dxf import
- Export to RFEM/RSTAB

Stress-Strain Analysis add-on
- Stress analysis
- Strains
- Cross-section optimization
- Weld stresses

Structure Stability add-on
- Effective length determination
- Critical load factors & stability modes
- Eigenvalue method
- Incremental method
- Mode shapes also for instable structural systems
- Mode shapes for LTB

Steel Design add-on
- Cross-section design checks
- Stability analysis
- Serviceability
- Fire protection
- Standards
- Warping torsion
- Formula output

Steel Joints add-on
- Analysis of steel connections
- Spatial internal forces and moments from 3D overall model
- FE model in background
- Library of templates
- Export of analysis model into separate RFEM 6 model

Optimization & Costs / CO2 Emission Estimation add-on
- AI technology: Particle swarm optimization
- Application of parametric blocks
- JavaScript parametrization
- Model cost estimate
- Estimation of CO2 equivalent


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