User Opinions and Experience

What is your experience with Dlubal Software?

User opinions and experience

Our customers express their experience with the structural analysis programs by Dlubal Software here.

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Why Dlubal Software?


  • More than 45,000 users in 95 countries
  • One software package for all application areas
  • Short learning time and intuitive handling
  • Service provided by experienced engineers
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Flexible modular concept, extensible according to your needs
  • Scalable license system with single and network licenses
  • Proven software used in many well-known projects


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The Best Structural Modeling Program

“We are dealing with Structural and Seismic Engineering since 1998. Dlubal Software is, in our experience, the best structural modeling program on the market. We recommend it to all those who need to deal with special and daily cases.”

Simply Brilliant

”I have been using Dlubal Software programs for a long time. The development of RFEM is very extensive, the program is simply brilliant!“

Perfectly Satisfied with Dlubal Software

“I'm perfectly satisfied with Dlubal Software. If I have to force myself to start up my structural engineering software in the morning, then I know something's wrong.”

Most Efficient and Friendly Platform

“The RFEM platform is the most efficient and friendly with which we have worked, the RF‑GLASS module is really unique in the market with which we can solve our projects in an integral way.

The technical support is incomparable, having immediate assistance from Germany to Costa Rica at the time required, despite the time difference, is a great proof of their professionalism and passion.”

Solution for CLT Analysis in Seismic Areas

“We were looking for a structural FEA software capable of modelling tall structures made of cross‑laminated timber (CLT) in seismic areas. Since we have been convinced of Dlubal Software products for many years and we are satisfied users of RSTAB, choosing RFEM was an easy decision.

The RF‑LAMINATE and RF‑DYNAM Pro add‑on modules allowed us to precisely model and analyse our CLT structures. The technical support team was also very helpful as they are always available and ready to answer our questions. Therefore, we are very satisfied with our choice.”

Project: Residential Timber Buildings in Strasbourg, France

RFEM makes us happy

“I'm glad I could exchange information with you at the trade fair in Munich.

Thanks for your feedback and keep it up. RFEM makes us really happy.”

RFEM: Efficient FE Models

“We were very careful when choosing an efficient solution for structural analysis based on finite element method. In 2013 we finally opted for RFEM.

After more than three years using this software, we are fully satisfied with our choice, particularly concerning technical capabilities and continuous development of the program. Technical support is attentive to our needs and comments.

We use RFEM especially to perform analyses of steel structures, boiler components, and machinery parts for surface models with finite elements. The FE‑mesh generator is very powerful and results are processed completely.”

Project: Butadiene Storage Sphere in La Wantzenau, France

Excellent Explanation

“I've attended the webinar on glass design. Excellent explanation. I don't design glass structures, however it was very interesting to explore the potential of the software.”

Pleasant and Comfortable Work with Dlubal Software

“As usual, I would like to confirm that it is a real pleasure to work with the Dlubal Software programs, which I have been able to use with ease.

I am also completely satisfied with the connection to REVIT 2017 as it complies with a very high standard and works well.”

High Level of Products and Hotline

“RFEM is a product that I can 100% recommend. The program can be applied to all situations. I am totally satisfied with RFEM as well as with the whole Dlubal team.

The hotline is absolutely competent and on a high level. Support technicians are keen to help and also answer questions beyond the application of RFEM.”

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