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General Contractor pbr Planungsbüro Rohling AG

Within a short period of time, a modern aluminium structure with sophisticated building services was constructed for the company Hydro Aluminium in Grevenbroich.

The construction project on the premises near Düsseldorf covers approximately a length of 220 m and a width of 120 m. It includes various connecting bridges to the existing premises, a three-aisled production hall with outbuildings as well as a 100 m long and 30 m high high-rack warehouse which was constructed in slipform paving technology.

Structural Engineering Construction and Design
Engineering Office Kozłowski-Projekt
Szczecin, Poland

A chipboard factory in Germany was reconstructed at the beginning of 2014. The main structural elements were made of S235 steel hot‑rolled shapes and the structure was set on a slab foundation.

Structural Engineering Engineering Office Kozłowski-Projekt
Szczecin, Poland

The Kozłowski-Projekt Engineering Office participated in designing a factory which produces wood‑based, high endurance laminate panels. The project by MLT OOO was constructed in Torzhok, Russia, making it Europe’s largest manufacturer of panels of this type.

Structural Engineering Dietz Würtele Ingenieure
Consulting engineers in construction

On the site of Baumit GmbH in Landsberg/Lech, a second mixing plant for ground building materials was built in 2015. The total weight of the supporting steel construction amounts to about 600 tonnes.

Structural Engineering Structural Analysis and Design
Voss & Kamb und Partner GmbH
Kaiserslautern, Germany

The boiler supporting structure contains the combustion chamber and is used as the main stiffening element of the coal‑fired plant in Neyveli, Tamil Nadu, India.

The boiler supporting structure measures 30.5 m x 30.5 m x 124.0 m and together with the boiler roof arranged above, it has to withstand loads of about 46,000 t.

Structural Engineering Ingenieurbüro Mauss
Düsseldorf, Germany
Investor JSW Steel Ltd.
Mumbai, India

The continuous casting plant of the JSW ISPAT steelworks in India was extended by an additional level and completed by new plant components and stair towers. At the same time, the existing structure was reinforced to be able to absorb the additional weight of the new components as well as increased seismic loads.

Structural Engineering Structural Analysis and Design
WTM Engineers GmbH
Hamburg, Germany

Planning Team
Suisseplan AG, Zurich, Switzerland
GAC German Airport Consulting GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
LSB Gesellschaft für Lärmschutz mbH, Hamburg, Germany

Regular maintenance and repairs of an aircraft includes performing aircraft engine testing. For the protection of residents in nearby communities, Flughafen Zürich AG (FZAG) commissioned the planning of a noise protection hangar which goes beyond the legal requirements for noise protection.

Structural Engineering AG-inženiring d.o.o.
Kočevje, Slovenia

Due to the new technological demands, the investor Melamin d.d. Kočevje decided to replace the old steam boiler on fossil fuel (Đuro Đakovič, No. 5356) with the new one in the total power of 9.8 MW.

Structural Engineering Ing.- Büro H.-U. Möller
Minden, Germany

As the geothermal energy market is continuously increasing, BAUER Maschinen GmbH, a German company working in the field of specialist foundation engineering, has developed a new deep drilling rig.

The German Dlubal Software customer Ing.-Büro H.-U. Möller was in charge of the plant's structural analysis. The system is used to make borings reaching to a depth of 7,000 m in the area of geothermal energy, oil or gas.

Structural Engineering Peter & Partner
Ingenieur- und Sachverständigengesellschaft für Strukturmechanik
Am Sonnenhang 13
D-53804 Much, Germany

The designed object is a heat exchanger to which a chimney was set up, a construction with an overall height of 60.7 m. The structure mainly consists of sheets that were reinforced by exterior steel cross-sections in the bottom area.

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Successful Project with RFEM and RSTAB

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Project: Art Project "Solhjul" in Give, Denmark

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