RF-/TOWER Equipment Add-on Module for RFEM/RSTAB


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Equipment of Mobile Operator Lattice Towers

Towers are used as supporting structures for transmitting antennas and further equipment such as platforms, ladders, and cable lines that must be taken into account in the design.

The RF‑/TOWER Equipment add‑on module can easily create transmitter towers including the relevant equipment.

  1. Features

    • Generation of inside and outside platforms using the library including parameterized models
    • Tubular extension and antenna bracket libraries as 2D and 3D structures
    • Antenna groups sorted by mobile network operator
    • Antenna library including parabolic, lense, shell, compact, and cuboidal antennas
    • Parameterized input of inner and cable ducts as well as ladders with interactive graphics
  2. Library with parameterized inside platforms


    You can define platforms, tubular extensions, antenna brackets, antennas, inner ducts, cable ducts, and ladders in separate input windows. Extensive libraries including parameterized models facilitate the entry.

    There is an interactive graphic available in all input windows. In this way, you can immediately see the position of tower equipment.

  3. Exported RFEM model

    Generation and Export

    In order to check the overall model graphically, you can use the viewer function. Structurally effective components can be generated with a single mouse click and then exported to RFEM/RSTAB.

    All module data is included in the global RFEM/RSTAB printout report.

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PRICE for RFEM (VAT excluded)

  • RF-TOWER Equipment 5.xx

    990.00 USD

  • Next License

    445.50 USD

PRICE for RSTAB (VAT excluded)

  • TOWER Equipment 8.xx

    990.00 USD

  • Next License

    445.50 USD