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Since 1987, Dlubal Software has continuously developed and optimized user-friendly and powerful programs for structural analysis and design.

With more than 280 employees at 9 locations providing continuous software support, Dlubal Software has gained more than 86,000 satisfied users worldwide.

  • Company building of Dlubal Software in Tiefenbach (Upper Palatinate)

Company Philosophy


Certified acc. DIN EN ISO 9001

Development, testing, sale, and support of Dlubal Software is certified for the management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Free Introductory Training at Your University!

Structural engineering software for students

In order to facilitate the use of Dlubal software for the students and thus also to improve the application in the course of lessons or for exercises, we actively support you in training your students. We offer you:

Regular, free introductory training for RFEM or RSTAB (as online training or on-site training)

  • contact just give us a call or email.

User-friendliness and effectiveness of our structural analysis software as well as the professional technical support for our customers are the fundamental pillars of the Dlubal Software company philosophy.


Easy Handling of the Dlubal Software Programs

When looking at our programs you can feel the enthusiasm of everybody involved in the development and notice the underlying philosophy of all our applications, which can be summed up in the word "user-friendly". These two points combined with our professional competence build the base for the ever growing success of Dlubal Software. The software is designed in such a way that users with basic computer skills can handle the software successfully after only a short while.


Professional Support

In case of questions and problems, our professional customer service is at your disposal to help you quickly and straightforwardly. We provide: 

  • Professional support by 16 experienced engineers
  • Free support via email and chat
  • Free access to 24/7 online support (FAQs, Forum, Videos, Webinars, etc.)

Excellent Price/Service Ratio

The excellent price/service ratio and the comprehensive assistance offered by Dlubal Software make our programs an essential tool for anyone involved in the areas of statics, dynamics and design.


Continuous Improvements and Extensions

User-friendliness and practical relevance are clear priorities for the conception and development of our programs. Therefore, constant dialogue with our customers is of utmost importance. Constructive critique, suggestions and requests play an important role in the program conception. For us, the work on our programs is not finished just because a program is launched. In the effort to always optimize our products, we permanently work on improvements and extensions to help and support the users.


Setting Standards for Frame Structure Program RSTAB

For discerning structural engineers, Dlubal Software provides the RSTAB program, a powerful structural frame analysis program for calculations of planar and spatial beam structures that sets the standard and meets all requirements in modern civil engineering.


Years of Experience in FEM

Since 1993, Dlubal Software has been closely co-operating with the company FEM Consulting Brno in the field of Finite Elements. The team under the guidance of Prof. Kolar and later Dr. Nemec has been one of the leading research teams in the area of the Finite Element Method since 1967. The long-term FE experience of FEM Consulting has significantly contributed to equip the highly user-friendly FE program with a stable and reliable computation kernel.


Solution and Experience in Wind Flow Simulation (CFD)

Dlubal Software developed the RWIND Simulation stand-alone program in cooperation with the companies PC-Progress and CFD Support experienced in CFD simulation (Computational Fluid Dynamics). With this program, you can simulate wind flow on simple or complex structures in a numerical wind tunnel as well as import generated wind loads to RFEM or RSTAB.

Since wind technology is growing in importance, Dlubal Software is an active member of the Wind Engineering Society (Windtechnologische Gesellschaft e.V.).


Full Support of Students and Educational Institutions

Students, universities, colleges, and other non-commercial educational institutions can use our structural analysis software free of charge. Further information and the application form can be found on these websites:

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