Glass Chandeliers at Keystone Mall, USA

Customer Project

Structural Engineering Structural Analysis
STUTZKI Engineering, Inc.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Construction Contractor
Linel, a division of Mestek, Inc.
Mooresville, Indiana, USA

Interlayer Manufacturer SentryGlas® from Kuraray America, Inc.
Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Four different point-supported glass chandeliers are focal points of the newly renovated shopping mall at Keystone, Indianapolis, USA.

Each chandelier consists of hanging glass plates, which are point-supported from brackets on stainless steel rings.


The largest chandelier is elliptical with a major diameter of 36 feet. The 11 ft tall glass plates are oriented in angles to each other, fanning outward towards the bottom.

The RSTAB model accurately followed the assembly of the physical parts, including the tiny details of the connectors. This allowed reliable prediction of the flexible deformations and the dynamic behavior.

The decorative glass is illuminated at night with intense colorful light of blue and red. The glass also plays an active role in the overall structural system, stabilizing the rings against rotation.

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