Pristina City Center, Republic of Kosovo

Structures Analyzed with Dlubal Software

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Customer Project

For many years, VM Architettura Integrata has been involved in the design of rainscreens for buildings of considerable size; in this particular case, the collaboration between Arch. Davide Prando and Eng. Marco Rota Nodari has enabled the further development of wind flow analyses, examining two towers with heights of about 393 ft and 295 ft in a digital wind tunnel.

Investor Immi Ceramica
Via Rruga Brigada VII
Tirane, Albania
Structural Design VM Architettura Integrata Srl
Via Europa, 50
Busnago, Italy
Assembly Immi Ceramica
Via Rruga Brigada VII
Tirane, Albania



The slim shape, considerable height, and interference by nearby buildings made simulation in RWIND 2 necessary in order to determine the actions of pressure and underpressure caused by wind acting on the envelope.

When designing the structures, this software was of fundamental importance, especially for identifying the surfaces subjected to the most severe conditions.

Project Location

Pristina City Center,


Rainscreen High-Rise Buildings Analysis of Fluid Dynamics CFD Analysis Wind Loads

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