Effective Sections

Product Description

  • RSECTION for Various Cross-Sections

Determination of Effective Sections


Effective Sections

  • Stress determination and graphic display on an effective cross-section and gross cross-section according to EN 1993‑1‑1 and EN 1993‑1‑5, EN 1993‑1‑3, and EN 1999‑1‑1
  • Consideration of the effects of distortional buckling of cold-formed sections via eigenvalue method

Extend the cross-section program RSECTION with Effective Sections and discover many helpful features. For example, you can determine the effective sections according to the following standards:

  • European Union EN 1993-1-5
  • European Union EN 1993-1-3
  • European Union EN 1999-1-1



  • Available for general thin-walled RSECTION cross-sections
  • Classification according to
    • EN 1993-1-1
    • EN 1993-1-4
    • EN 1999-1-1
  • Determination of the effective section according to
    • EN 1993-1-5
    • EN 1993-1-3
    • EN 1999-1-1
  • Consideration of the effects of distortional buckling of cold-formed sections via eigenvalue method
  • Determination of the stresses on the effective section and gross section
  • Cross-section, stability, and serviceability limit state design checks of RSECTION cross-sections of Class 4 according to EN 1993‑1‑1 or EN 1999‑1‑1 in the Steel Design or Aluminum Design add-ons
  • Cross-section checks for cold-formed RSECTION cross-sections according to EN 1993‑1‑3 in the Steel Design add-on
  • Available for all National Annexes integrated in the Steel Design add-on


The Effective Sections extension is fully integrated in RSECTION. So there's no second program and window chaos that make your work difficult. Therefore, all input options of RSECTION are available to you. You only need to specify the standard group in the Base data, according to which the effective cross-section is to be determined. After importing the section into the main program RFEM or RSTAB, it is available for design in the Steel Design add-on like a library section. Sounds good, doesn't it?



Are you just waiting for your results after the design? The design results are displayed in the usual way in the Steel Design add-on. In the corresponding output tables, you can find the classification, the effective section properties, and the design check, among other things. The stresses are displayed to you graphically on the effective section as well as on the gross section.


1,250.00 EUR

The prices apply to the use of the software in all countries.

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