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Is it possible to create a punching shear in RF-FOUNDATION Pro to increase the punching resistance of the foundation plate? Or is it possible to arrange vertical stirrup discard in RF-FOUNDATION Pro?


No, in RF-FOUNDATION Pro, it is not possible to arrange a punching shear reinforcement. The add-on module first calculates the longitudinal reinforcement required for the bending design of the slab. From this longitudinal reinforcement, the program determines the longitudinal reinforcement ratio, which is applied subsequently for the determination of the puncturing resistance of the plate. If the punching shear design is not fulfilled, you as the user on the reinforcement side can customize the provided longitudinal reinforcement in window 2.4 or 2.5 and select a different provided reinforcement with a higher reinforcement content. After recalculating with the modified reinforcement, it is possible to check in the 2.2 Governing designs table whether the increase in the longitudinal reinforcement was expedient. If the increase in the longitudinal reinforcement in the foundation plate was not effective, you can use the design option with the RF-PUNCH add-on module. In RF-PUNCH, the point-type punching on foundation plates can be analyzed. In this case, a punching shear reinforcement in the form of vertical or inclined iron can be applied.


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