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If I do not specify any basic reinforcement in RF‑CONCRETE Surfaces, I obtain the value X as an additionally required reinforcement. If I enter this value X as the provided basic reinforcement, I correctly do not get any additional required reinforcement.

However, if I enter a lower value than the determined required total reinforcement as the basic reinforcement, the additionally required reinforcement is increased in such a way that the originally required reinforcement content is exceeded. Why?


Please check the concrete covers of the basic reinforcement and the additional reinforcement. In this case, a higher concrete cover is probably defined for the additional reinforcement than for the basic reinforcement.

If the existing basic reinforcement is so small that the additional reinforcement is required, but a lower effective depth is available due to the higher concrete cover, the program must adjust the reinforcement content accordingly, that is, increase it.

Therefore, the concrete covers in the "Reinforcement Layout" tab in Window 1.4 "Reinforcement" have to be considered, see the image.

Image 01 - Concrete Cover for Reinforcement


Basic reinforcement Additional reinforcement Provided Required Concrete cover


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