User-Defined Link Spacings

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To cover the required transverse reinforcement, RF‑CONCRETE Members and CONCRETE determine the most cost-efficient transverse reinforcement as reinforcement proposal in accordance with the predefined link diameter. Often, the results of such a determining process are irregular distances between links which cannot be built in at construction sites.

When we specify available spacings of the link reinforcement in the program, we can define our preferred distances (for example in steps of 5 cm). The reinforcement proposal for the link reinforcement will be generated from the defined link diameters and spacings. Thus, the provided reinforcement can be used for the layout of reinforcement work on the construction site.


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RFEM Concrete Structures

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Design of reinforced concrete members and surfaces (plates, walls, planar structures, shells)

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Linear and nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete members with reinforcement concept

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