Simulating and Adjusting Equivalent Loads

Tips & Tricks

The equivalent loads determined in RF‑TENDON due to prestress are transferred in RFEM as member loads or as line loads. A member load is used for member types with their own stiffness, a line load is used for member types without their own stiffness.

In order to understand which values of the concentrated loads are to be transferred from RF‑TENDON to RFEM, you should do the following display settings:

  • Loads reference to the global coordinate system (GKS)
  • Load display: “Point”

With this display setting, the determined concentrated loads are traceable. If there is a better load distribution due to prestress favored, you can adjust this in the menu bar using the angle under “Load settings.” The angle refers to the deflection angle of the tendon. The concentrated load is determined according to the entered angle. The smaller the angle selected, the more concentrated loads are determined. The influence of the prestress is shown in detail and the computing time increases.


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