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In RF-/JOINTS Steel - Pinned, it is possible to design connections without a supporting structure (for example columns). In this case, the beam is connected to an anchor plate. How to define such a connection?

First, select a joint type in Window 1.1 General Data, for example a fin plate. Anchor plate connection is to be defined in Window 1.2 Nodes and Members. As a condition, only one member can be connected. There are two options:
If the connection is on an end support or it connects a member to a surface, you only have to select the corresponding nodes.
If the connection is on a member with an unacceptable cross‑section (for example rectangular concrete column), you have to deactivate such a member (see Figure).
Now, you can adjust the connection including the anchor plate dimensions in Window 1.4 Geometry.

Finally, it should also be mentioned that on an anchor plate, only welds and bolts are designed. No anchorage designs are performed.


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