Working with RF-/STEEL BS

Product Feature

It is necessary to enter material, load and combination data in RFEM/RSTAB in compliance with the design concept specified by BS 5950 (or Eurocode). The RFEM/RSTAB material library already contains relevant materials for BS 5950.

RFEM/RSTAB automatically creates the corresponding load combinations according to BS 5950 (or Eurocode). However, you can also create all combinations manually in RFEM/RSTAB. The RF-/STEEL BS add-on module requires members and sets of members as well as load cases, load combinations, and result combinations to be designed.

In the next input windows, you can adjust preset definitions of lateral intermediate supports and effective lengths. In the case of continuous members, it is possible to define individual support conditions and eccentricities for each intermediate node of single members. A special FEA tool determines critical loads and moments required for the stability analysis.

RFEM Steel and Aluminum Structures

Add-on Module

Design of steel members according to the British standard BS 5950-1:2000 or British Annex BS EN 1993-1-1

Price of First License
1,480.00 USD