Display of Forces and Deformations of Hinges and Releases

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RFEM offers the following tables to display forces and deformations of hinges and releases:

  • 4.45 Line Hinges - Deformations
  • 4.46 Line Hinges - Forces
  • 4.47 Member Hinges - Deformations
  • 4.48 Member Hinges - Forces
  • 4.49 Nodal Releases - Deformations
  • 4.50 Nodal Releases - Forces
  • 4.51 Line Releases - Deformations
  • 4.52 Line Releases - Forces

The tables can be displayed in the prinout report. Moreover, the results in line hinges and line releases can be displayed graphically. It can be controlled by the Project Navigator - Results.


Hinge Release Force Deformation

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