SUPER-RC Add-on Module for RSTAB


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Superpositioning Results of Different Construction Phases

The SUPER-RC add‑on module for RSTAB allows the determination of construction phases with varying structural and loading conditions.

Construction loads or temporary supports are not only relevant in bridge design but have to be considered in many other fields of structural engineering.

  1. Features

    • Management of RSTAB models according to construction progress
    • Definition of geometric boundary conditions for the single construction and operational conditions
    • Access to load cases, load and result combinations of all structures
    • Superpositioning of various models by an envelope of all extreme results
    • Combination options according to the following standards:
      •  Eurocode
      •  DIN 18800:1990-11
      •  DIN 1045:1988-07
      •  DIN 10451:2008-08
      •  DIN 1052:1988-04
      •  DIN 1055-100:2001-03
      •  ÖNORM
      • Serviceability (unscaled)
    • Tabular and graphical result display
  2. Models representing different operational conditions


    A basic model is created and saved conforming to the progress of construction work under a new file name. Those different structural models are then used for the supercombination. The superpositioning can be performed in the same way as for an RSTAB load combination.

    By modeling various construction or operational conditions, the different geometric boundary conditions can be represented: It is possible to add or remove supports, members, or elastic foundation of the model, for example.

  3. Combining various operational conditions by "or" criteria


    For superpositioning, it is necessary to select one of the integrated standards. The partial safety factors are preset by default. It is also possible to create a new standard and to save it with the user-defined safety factors.

    The combination criterion defines which load cases, load or result combinations of which model are to be considered. The actions can be scaled by factors and classified as "permanent" or "conditional". By defining "or" criteria, alternative examinations are also possible. Graphic representations facilitate the allocation of the relevant models.

    For determination of extreme values, SUPER-RC imports the results of structures and combines them according to the combination criterion. For this, the results are compared on the basis of the node and member numbers.

  4. RSTAB table 3.1 Members - Internal Forces with SC results


    The maximum and minimum extreme values (the envelope) are displayed in result tables and graphics. It is possible to add them to the global RSTAB printout report.

    You can also design the internal forces of super combinations in many RSTAB add-on modules.

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