SUPER-RC | Features

Product Feature

  • Management of RSTAB models according to construction progress
  • Definition of geometric boundary conditions for the single construction and operational conditions
  • Access to load cases, load and result combinations of all structures
  • Superpositioning of various models by an envelope of all extreme results
  • Combination options according to the following standards:
    •  Eurocode
    •  DIN 18800:1990-11
    •  DIN 1045:1988-07
    •  DIN 10451:2008-08
    •  DIN 1052:1988-04
    •  DIN 1055-100:2001-03
    •  ÖNORM
    • Serviceability (unscaled)
  • Tabular and graphical result display

Add-on Module

Superpositioning results of different construction stages with varying structural and loading conditions

Price of First License
220.00 USD