RF-/TOWER Structure Add-on Module for RFEM/RSTAB


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Generation of Lattice Tower Structures

The RF-/TOWER Structure add‑on module provides an innovative tool facilitating generation of geometrically complex 3D tower structures. It is possible to create lattice towers and radio masts by means of parameters.

In addition, RF‑/TOWER Structure can adjust the models created in RFEM or RSTAB.

  1. Features

    • Generation of triangular or rectangular tower types
    • Access to the extensive material and cross-section library of RFEM/RSTAB
    • Simple definition of geometry using tower segments
    • Databases for vertical, horizontal, and inner bracing types
    • Easy export of generated model data to RFEM/RSTAB
  2. Editing a user-defined bracing


    First of all, it is necessary to select a tower type and the relevant materials and cross-sections. The tower geometry is defined by individual tower segments. Slopes can be defined via widths or relatively by geometry modification.

    After entering tower legs, you can specify various stiffening of the lattice tower. It is possible to enter detailed specifications of horizontal girts, inner bracing, and vertical bracing of a tower with unequal sides. An extensive library including parametrized bracing types facilitates the input.

    In addition, there is an interactive graphic in all input windows.

  3. Generated tower data


    After generating the lattice tower model, the generated data is displayed in clearly-arranged tables including all information about member releases and effective lengths.

    In order to check the data graphically, there is the Viewer function providing a full screen display, which is also available in the input windows.

  4. Tower model in RFEM

    Data Export

    Finally, it is possible to export the generated model to RFEM/RSTAB with a single mouse click.

    All module data is included in the RFEM/RSTAB printout report. The report contents and the extent of the results can be selected specifically for the individual designs.

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PRICE for RFEM (VAT excluded)

  • RF-TOWER Structure 5.xx

    1,750.00 USD

  • Next License

    787.50 USD

PRICE for RSTAB (VAT excluded)

  • TOWER Structure 8.xx

    1,750.00 USD

  • Next License

    787.50 USD

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