STC033 | Single-Flight Staircase with Bottom and Top Landing

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Concrete single-flight staircase supported by a central spine beam with bottom and top landing. The spine beam runs underneath the treads of the staircase and is anchored to the surrounding structure, providing stability and support.


Block Parameterized JavaScript Staircase Single-Flight Spine Beam Concrete Landing

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  • Updated 05/05/2023
  • Block parameters editable dynamically
  • Number of Nodes 58
  • Number of Lines 58
  • Number of Members 0
  • Number of Surfaces 10
  • Number of Solids 0
  • Number of Load Cases 1
  • Number of Load Combinations 0
  • Number of Result Combinations 0
  • Total Weight 2.818 tons
  • Dimensions 3.94 x 5.45 x 14.19 feet


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