Steel Joints for RFEM 6

Product Description

  • FE-BUCKLING Stand-Alone Program


Excited About Steel Joints Add-on

"I am excited about how you can finally model whatever connections you like with Dlubal Software. The output with the exact calculation history is also great. I will definitely arrange for the Steel Joints add-on to be purchased in our company."



You can display all essential results on the FE model. In this case, you can filter the results separately according to the respective components.

Furthemore, RFEM delivers you all design checks in a tabular form, including the display of the formulas used. If you wish, you can transfer the result tables to the RFEM printout report.


Stability Analysis Software

For joint components, you can check whether the stability failure is relevant. This requires the Structure Stability add-on for RFEM 6 / RSTAB 9.

In this case, you calculate the critical load factor for all analyzed load combinations and the selected number of mode shapes for the connection model. Compare the smallest critical load factor with the limit value 15 from the standard EN 1993‑1‑1, Clause 5. Furthermore, you can make user-defined adjustment of the limit value. As a result of the stability analysis, the program displays the corresponding mode shapes graphically.

For the stability analysis, RFEM uses the adapted surface model to specifically recognize the local buckling shapes. You can also save and use the model of the stability analysis, including the results, as a separate model file.


Saving the Steel Joint Model with Results

  • The steel connections model and the results can be saved as a separate model file
  • The resulting stresses and the results of the stability analysis (joint buckling) can be displayed in a separate model
  • In the saved model, you can run a deformation animation on the connection
  • Connection components are converted to surfaces and members when they are saved

Printout Report of Steel Joints Design

  • The results of the connection design can be entered in the printout report
  • When creating a new printout report, select the items added from the Steel Joints Add-on
  • Use the tool 'Print Graphics to Printout Report' to insert graphics with the results of the connection, including the control panel, into the report
  • Printout report contains the specifications of the connection components, design parameters, results and graphics


1,850.00 EUR

The prices apply to the use of the software in all countries.


Results of Steel Joint

  • Advanced printout report options
  • Eliminate internal force imports from an external program
  • Automatic update of internal forces with model modifications
  • Automatic update of result calculations with model modifications
  • Consideration of 3D internal forces, including torsion
  • Full design equation output avoiding a black box calculation
  • Detailed FEA model can be viewed and analyzed
  • High-quality 3D connection visualization