RF-LAMINATE Add-on Module for RFEM

Product Description

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Design of Laminate Surfaces


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The RF-LAMINATE add‑on module performs deflection analysis and stress designs of laminate surfaces. The calculation considering shear coupling uses the laminate theory.

Based on a user‑defined layer structure, the module creates a local overall stiffness matrix for the respective surface. RF‑LAMINATE designs for example cross‑laminated timber elements (CLT), glass fiber reinforced plastic, or prefabricates to calculate the layer elements.

The following standards are available:

  •  ANSI/AWC NDS-2015 (LRFD and ASD)
  •  ANSI/AWC NDS-2018 (LRFD and ASD)
  • Canada CSA O86-14
  • Canada CSA O86-19
  •  EN 1995‑1‑1:2004‑11 (including National Annexes)
  •  DIN 1052:2010‑12
  • Code independent (analysis only)

  1. Features

    • General stress analysis
    • Graphical and numerical results of stresses and stress ratios fully integrated in RFEM
    • Flexible design with different layer compositions
    • High efficiency due to few entries required
    • Flexibility through detailed setting options for basis and scope of calculation 
    • A local overall stiffness matrix of the surface in RFEM is generated on the basis of the selected material model and the layers contained. The following material models are available:
      • Orthotropic
      • Isotropic
      • User-defined
      • Hybrid (for combinations of material models)
    • Option to save frequently used layer structures in a database
    • Determination of basic, shear, and equivalent stresses
    • In addition to the basic stresses, the required stresses according to DIN EN 1995-1-1 and the interaction of those stresses are available as results.
    • Stress analysis for structural parts of almost any shape
    • Equivalent stresses calculated according to different approaches:
      • Shape modification hypothesis (von Mises)
      • Maximum shear stress criterion (Tresca)
      • Maximum principal stress criterion (Rankine)
      • Principal strain criterion (Bach)
    • Calculation of transversal shear stresses according to Mindlin or Kirchhoff, or user-defined specifications
    • Serviceability limit state design by checking surface displacements
    • User-defined specifications of limit deflections
    • Possibility to consider layer coupling
    • Detailed results of individual stress components and ratios in tables and graphics
    • Results of stresses for each layer in the model
    • Parts list of designed surfaces
    • Possible coupling of layers entirely without shear
  2. Input

    It is necessary to select load cases, load combinations, and result combinations for the ultimate and the serviceability limit state design. After selecting the surfaces to be designed, you can define the relevant material model.

    The structure of layers forming the basis for the stiffness calculation can vary. You can adjust the parameters defined by the selected material model according to your individual needs. The 3*3 matrix of the layers is modifiable as well. This way, completely free selection is provided when generating the stiffnesses.

    The limit stresses of each layer are defined by the selected material. These values can be customized as well.

  3. Results

    After the calculation, the maximum stresses, stress ratios, and displacements are displayed by load case, surface, or grid points. The stress ratio can refer to any kind of stress type. The current location is highlighted by color in the RFEM model.

    In addition to the result evaluation in tables, it is possible to display the stresses and stress ratios graphically in the RFEM work window. For this, you can adjust the colors and values assigned in the panel.

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