Two cranes are running on one crane runway. What is the definition of the exposure categories when the cranes interact?


In CRANEWAY, you enter the exposure category declared by the manufacturer for each crane. For the fatigue design, CRANEWAY performs the designs for the individual damage as well as for the total damage from both cranes. According to EN 1993-6 chapter 9.4.2, the rule recommended in NOTE is applied. Considering two cranes, the exposure category of the crane with the lowest exposure category is reduced by 2 for the total damage.
Crane 1 S-Class: S6
Crane 2 S-Class: S5
Total damage S-Class: S3


Exposure category Two cranes Several cranes


[1]   In diesem Kapitel wird ein Beispiel der Literatur [-1] vorgestellt und mit den Ergebnissen des Programms KRANBAHN verglichen.

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