Is it possible to design a "Kármán vortex street" behind an object in the numerical wind tunnel of RWIND Simulation?


In the RWIND Simulation program, a stationary flow analysis of incompressible gases is implemented. The principles and formulations used for this do not change over time. Thus, the calculation gives a result set without temporal variation.

[1] The effect of a "Kármán vortex street," in which counter-rotating vortices develop behind a body around which flows, results in a temporal change of the flow effect. Therefore, this fluid-mechanical effect cannot be simulated in RWIND Simulation.


Vortex-induced Vibration Chimney Strouhal Shedding frequency


[1]   DIN 4149: Bauten in deutschen Erdbebengebieten - Lastannahmen, Bemessung und Ausführung üblicher Hochbauten. Beuth Verlag GmbH, Berlin, 04, 2005.

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