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WebService and API

WebService and API provides you with a programmable interface for RFEM 6, RSTAB 9, and RSECTION 1. Based on this technology, the programs RFEM 6, RSTAB 9, and RSECTION 1 provide you a server service that you can use locally or via the network. Use the client-server communication to send requests to and receive feedback from RFEM 6, RSTAB 9, and RSECTION 1.

Snow Load, Wind Speed, and Seismic Load Maps

Dlubal Software provides an online tool with snow, wind and seismic zone maps. Click on the map to easily obtain the snow loads, wind speeds, and seismic data according to various standards.

Cross-Section Properties of Standardized Sections or Parameterized Cross-Sections

If you work with cross-sections, this is the right tool for you. Use this free online tool to select standardized sections from an extensive section library, to define parametrized cross-sections, and to calculate their cross-section properties. You can display the cross-section properties numerically or graphically and print them as PDF.

Structural Analysis Wiki

Even if you are not yet familiar with all the terms, we would like you to find your way around our website and programs. Take a look at the Dlubal Structural Analysis Wiki, which explains technical terms used in the structural analysis and design. The terms are given in alphabetical order and are usually used in Dlubal Software.

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