Cross-Section Properties Software

Cross-Section Properties, Stresses and Design of Any Cross-Sections

  • RSECTION for Various Cross-Sections


Have you been busy calculating cross-sections for a very long time? Dlubal Software can make your work easier. The stand-alone program RSECTION determines the section properties for any thin-walled and massive cross-sections. Then, it performs a stress analysis for you. This can save you a lot of time and effort in order to invest both more reasonably: in the further planning of your project.

Effective Sections

Extend your cross-section properties software

with Effective Sections and discover many helpful features. For example, you can determine the effective sections according to the following standards:

  • European Union EN 1993-1-5
  • European Union EN 1993-1-3
  • European Union EN 1999-1-1


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Stand-Alone Program

Properties and stresses of thin-walled and cold-formed cross-sections

Price of First License
1,450.00 EUR

Section properties, stress analysis, and reinforced concrete design of thick-walled cross-sections

Price of First License
1,250.00 EUR