Customer service is a fundamental pillar of the Dlubal Software company philosophy.

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Customer service is very important to us! These are not empty words for us. This motto means more than a simple guiding principle for us. Customer service is a fundamental pillar of the Dlubal Software company philosophy. Our interest in our customers does not end at the point of sale. After all, you should be able to work with our programs to your satisfaction. We provide any necessary support you need to complete your daily work.

Extranet | My Account

Welcome to your own area! Login to your Dlubal extranet account on the Dlubal website. In your account, you will find information tailored to you or your company. For example, you can download current Dlubal programs here.

Project Support

Our project support will be happy to assist you. We support you, for example, with your project modelling, including reinforced concrete, steel or timber structures. Moreover, we can provide advice on individual structural analysis topics.

Service Contract

A Service Contract ensures that your Dlubal programs always stay up to date. But not only that! You will thus obtain the access to the latest program version, as well as priority tech support via email.

With a Service Contract Pro, we provide you additionally with the priority tech support via phone and screen sharing.

Geo-Zone Tool for Load Determination

Are you looking for an overview of snow load zones, wind zones, and seismic zones? Then you are right here. Use the Geo-Zone Tool to determine quickly and efficiently snow loads, wind speeds, and seismic data according to ASCE 7‑16 and other international standards.

Updates & Upgrades

Our programs are always kept up to date. This is achieved by regular updates, for example. These updates are minor revisions and innovations within a program generation. With a service contract, you will receive new updates at regular intervals. As a result, your program will steadily improve.

Another level of overhaul is upgrades. These are very much revised up to completely reprogrammed program versions. The best for last: As a customer with a service contract, you receive discounted upgrade conditions.

Update Reports

As the Dlubal Software structural analysis programs are continually being developed and optimized, find a detailed list of modifications and improvements here.

Previous Program Versions

How old is too old? You can still work with our previous program versions. Unfortunately, the only thing limited for you is customer support . You can find previous versions of Dlubal programs here. If necessary, you can download and install your already purchased program version.

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Do you have any questions about Dlubal service contracts? Interested in keeping your programs up to date with the latest versions? Contact us via phone, email, or chat, or find suggested solutions and useful tips on our FAQ page, available 24/7.

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